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March 1st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I saw this the other day on Vogue slapping me in the face while at the magazine shop:

Shit like this does nothing to increase sperm count.  She’s already been violated by someone else’s huge ejaculation.  I find images of pregnant women gross, as do most men.  Yeah, I know that we all came from a woman and pregnancy is beautiful and blah, blah, blah…  Yeah – if it is your kid it’s beautiful but nobody else thinks this is hot except guys with a pregnant girl fetish which I don’t get anyways.  Maybe one day I will devote some thought to it and figure it out but not today.  Anyway, guys don’t want to look at this shit.  Furthermore, why is it that I am forced to look at her pregnant self, yet I am not allowed to look at her tits and pussy?  Why is she covering them up?  How insane is our society?

Anyway, pretty soon they will have Vogue covers with some other has-been supermodel actually breaking water or squeezing out some rich dude’s kid.  Yuck.

On a side note, the president is in town and I was walking down Park Avenue and saw a gaggle of overweight cop-commandos with assault rifles waddling about like penguins.  They had a German shepherd dog, which spotted a King Charles – started freaking out and got into a barking match with it.  What discipline!



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