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September 29th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

The problem with Islam is irrefutable and can be seen in Europe today:

Moslems emigrate to a country, and under that country’s liberal “freedom of religion” provisions, they start to build mosques to practice their religion.

No problem.

The problem comes over the years, as Moslems have a staggering birth rate compared to their host nation. Pretty soon, mosques outnumber churches. Once their population hits a critical mass, they demand to practice Sharia Law. They claim that Sharia Law is essential to the practice of their religion, but once you mix law with religion, you no longer have a separation between church and state.

In the United States, we have a separation of church and state for a reason.

Once Moslems are allowed to operate their own legal system inside of a country, you have basically allowed them to operate A MOSLEM STATE – INSIDE of a host nation!

Sharia Law is a Trojan Horse pushed inside the gates beneath the banner of freedom of religion.

You see this treachery all over Europe, and one day the Moslem population will reach such levels that they will be able to completely take over the host nation and make it an official Moslem nation!

So here is the question, to all of you liberal idiots out there: do you think the Moslems will grant you the same freedoms you granted them? Of course not! A cursory look around the world will show you the murderous intolerance of Moslems towards other religions.

No don’t take this blog post to mean that I hate Moslems. I actually like them. They have great food, for starters. Turkish and Uzbek cuisine is my favorite in the entire world. I also love the desert. It’s my favorite climate. Moslem women are also gorgeous, they just need to be set free sexually.

And this is the core of the insanity, as well as the genius of Islam – the repression of sexual energy and sperm count along with the naturally violent drives of the Islamic peoples.

They don’t put women in burkas to “repress” their women, you see… They put women in burkas, not to tempt their men into committing rape.

Seriously, ever wonder why Islamic law is so brutal? It’s because any culture that arises from a desert is by nature violent, since the hardships of desert life impact the developing brain in a unique manner. The best scholarly book on the subject is this one:

So the creation of Islam itself, was the best solution at the time to keep a violent people in line, and therefore minimize the extent of human suffering in that society. The prevention of human suffering is the top concern of all great leaders. Call them philosopher kings, chakravartans, etc. Mohammed was indeed a great man, for look at the great Islamic civilization he authored? He took a people from murdering and raping each other in the desert, to greatness.

As you’ve probably guessed, I am a monarchist. I believe the best form of society is that run by a king – a king with incredible wisdom and virtue. The trouble these days is finding one! lol



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