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September 28th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I will talk about politics today.

Instead of ranting about ejaculation volume and such things.

We hear all the time on the news all this bullshit about the “Moslem Problem.” So is there really a problem with Moslems? Should we be concerned? The answer is both “no,” and “yes.” First of all, there are no “terrorists.” Terrorists didn’t fly planes into buildings on 9/11. Planes did fly into 2 of the 4 buildings, although the planes had nothing to do with their “collapse.” If you want to know the truth about how 9/11 happened, then go to:


and get yourself a copy of this amazing book. Fuck “Loose Change” and fuck the “9/11 Commission Report.” Remember, “Where Did The Towers Go?” won’t tell you who did 9/11, but it will tell you how 9/11 was done. Once you know how, you’ll know that some rag-tag group hailing from a 3rd world nation could have had no part in it.

Ever since 9/11, all you hear about is “terrorists.” We are getting molested every time we get on an airplane in the name of “Homeland Security.” But let’s face it, if there were such a thing as terrorists, we would be getting attacked all the fucking time. The truth is nobody can stop terrorists. That’s why it’s called terrorism. Duh! It’s the reason why bombers, assassins and snipers are so hated in this world. Because there isn’t a fucking thing you can do to protect yourself from them. Any person with an above-average IQ can dream up thousands of easy ways to commit acts of terror and nobody would be able to stop them.
















Want proof?  Take a look at the IRA. For years there wasn’t much Britain could do to stop the endless bombings and assassinations either. You know what stopped it finally? Creating jobs and an economy in Northern Ireland. When people had a job, they suddenly didn’t feel like attacking British soldiers and planting car bombs. Surprised? LOL!

Need more proof? If you look at a country like Israel, before they built a giant wall and put all the Palestinians on one side of it, they were suffering terrorist attacks every single week. For years. Even with Israel having the best intelligence network around, and having a ruthless approach to dealing with terrorists, every week some bus or car would explode. It was just a fact of life. So do you really think we would be able to put a stop to terrorists if they actually existed? So with respect to “terrorism” there is no “Moslem Problem.”

But I still believe there is a problem with Islam.



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