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November 29th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

This video about a woman who cheated on her husband with 1000 men is hsyterical:

What’s funny is her husband is cool with all the semen volume she takes in her wholes and gets nothing in return. This sort of nonsense is more-and-more typical. Women have such little respect for men they make demands that on the wedding night they get to sleep with someone else. America is slowly turning into the land of the cuckold and the clown. Her husband should take some of my pills to increase ejaculation and teach her a lesson by impregnating a slew of beautiful women.

Seriously, letting your woman fuck other dudes is cool if she is bringing home a constant stream of women for you to fuck. You can’t just even the playing field by saying “Fine you can fuck other guys if I can fuck other girls.” Not with a girl like this, because when the girl is just cock crazy without needing any sort of romance… in other words, when the only thing she needs to feel special is a dick running up in her holes… there is NO WAY you can compete with the numbers she is going to pull. A woman can walk down the street and if she is reasonably attractive she can fuck 10 guys a day easy. The best men in the business (PUAs, Porn Stars, Rock Stars, Athletes, Tantra Masters) cannot rival this. Even a cult leader will have trouble.

So she’s got to bring home girls. But these women never will because their whole game is control and all sorts of other nasty shit. If a girl suggests some crap like this to you where you have to let her do anything that you aren’t allowed to or can’t do in equal measure, just get the hell out of there.



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