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Natural male enhancement is ultimately wisdom.  So let me drop a little…

One of the places men get stuck in their relating with women is that they just don’t see what most women are about.  It’s really ugly, for one thing… and then they’ve been conditioned by their mothers, other women and society at large to believe a whole web of lies about the ladies.

Most guys are looking for sex, for example. In this regard they make the false assumption that most women are looking for sex.  In fact, they aren’t.  Most women are looking for 2 things:

1.A guy with money whom they can manipulate into financing their non-orgasmic lifestyle.  Prostitution!

2.A guy they can put to work, and consequently manipulate into financing their non-orgasmic lifestyle. Prostitution!

+ 1 thing:

1.A guy with whom they can live out their unresolved parental bullshit, over-and-over again, which, incidentally, is why they are non-orgasmic.

Now when I write “non orgasmic” I mean they are incapable of surrendering to a man in a full-body orgasmic state.  Having a clitoral orgasm is not orgasmic.   Having a few clitoral orgasms is not multi-orgasmic.  Having your cervix spasm a couple times or squirting is not fully orgasmic.

Since most guys haven’t experienced a fully orgasmic woman, they have no fucking clue what a real woman is like or how she should be relating to them as a man.  Without proper instruction, most squares are heading for self-destruction.

I would put like 90% of women in this category, with only 10% left who are actually into sex and/or capable of having a healthy, emotionally mature relationship.

These numbers are horrific, and there are many obstacles to really seeing the truth of what I am saying here.  One of them is that guys will talk about how their girlfriend is down to fuck all the time, and even swallows their cum and loves it up the ass – she must be into sex, right?

Wrong.  Porn starlets indulge in all sorts of debauchery, yet never have an orgasm.  So do they love sex, or are they living out some unresolved parental bullshit?  Most porn starlets are the product of incest.  It’s a statistical fact.  They are also being paid to have sex.  Prostitution!  It could be argued that they have so much unresolved parental bullshit, they can’t even take the normal route of marrying a rich guy or a guy they can put to work!  Their dysfunction takes them to the level of streetwalkers, basically.  Not that I’m complaining, as the asking price for streetwalkers and porn starlets is very competitive compared to the other pay-for-play options such as marriage or having a steady girlfriend!

I mean, do you ever wonder why 90% of married men will tell you that their sex lives came to a screeching halt right after they got married?  Do you really buy into those PUA theories that the man stopped being a challenge so the woman lost interest? Let’s face reality: 90% of married men get played.  They married women who weren’t into sex at all, but just used sex as their vehicle for manipulation.  Once the goal is achieved and they are married, why would they have sex?

Now when you go out to clubs, bars, etc., and you are a real man who knows the deal, 90% of women will want nothing to do with you.  One look and they know they ain’t getting any money out of you, and you won’t tolerate their drama.  So they move along.  They don’t give a shit about how good your dick is, or how good your heart is, or where you can take them sexually or emotionally.  They may be attracted, but they know better then to dive into the deep end of the pool.

For this reason a guy who is sovereign needs to focus all his time on women are sexual primarily, followed by emotionally healthy.  This requires a very different style of game that is rather direct.  He will need to recognize that for most women, is awesomeness will render him invisible from his perception.  But for the 10% that see him, he will have to be very direct.



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