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One of my friends drew my attention to all this “white tigress” stuff on the internet:



He seems rather obsessed with it, so I imagine he loves cumming in a woman’s face.  lol  I prefer that they swallow every drop. ;)

Having over 20 years of background in Taoism, Buddhism and what is referred to as “spiritual cultivation,” this is what I have to say about the above links:

The White Tigress practices are a gross distortion of practices originally not meant for humans, but created by foxes – for foxes.  In China these are referred to as Hulis and in Japan I forget what they call them.   Basically, certain animals like foxes and badgers can cultivate themselves spiritually much easier then humans due to their mating cycle and nervous system and mental state.  They develop a very high consciousness and spiritual powers but can never transcend their animal nature.  So the ones that are a few hundred years old eventually have the power to acquire a human body by inhabiting a corpse and then use their spiritual powers to look beautiful (and conceal the fact they are the “walking dead”) and collect semen in order to cultivate spiritually.

After all, what man would fuck a corpse?  Well, some would but no fox would want the energy of such a man!

It is quite tragic actually, as many foxes are rather sincere in their cultivation ambitions yet never “make it.”  They may acquire incredible super-powers and be able to demonstrate samadhi of different degrees, yet they always remain stuck.  Their plight is nothing to emulate, rather, it is something to have great respect and compassion for.

I realize that most people reading this blog will think I have lost it – believing in Asian fairy tales, yet I assure you they are as real as you can imagine.    Most people are utterly ignorant and asleep in their own bodies, and consequently many have encountered them and never even knew it.  We will leave it at that! lol

So this is what the White Tigress teachings are based on.  The idea of a human female doing a cultivation practice meant for a huli is ridiculous.  It’s a sad state of affairs as real Taoism is lost to the sands of time.  Nothing is left of it.  At least real Buddhism is still alive and kicking, although you will never learn of it from the Dalai Lhama!

Most “Taoists” today are looking for an irresponsible sort of immortality where they stay young, beautiful and potent forever – indulging themselves!  Why would heaven grant immortality to such useless, self-centered beings?

What are left with today that passes for “Taoism” are idiotic practices like Mantak Chia’s “don’t ejaculate” for men and then this “White Tigress” shit for women.  Both approaches repress sexuality and are incredibly destructive Men are terrified they lose something when they ejaculate, and now women can be terrified that they will damage themselves if they fuck, so instead they turn themselves into oral service modules at best, sexual vampires at worst.  When a man is in the right state, he knows when to ejaculate and when not to – and does not lose energy when he does.  When a woman is in the right state, she can enjoy vaginal sex and not age herself.

It’s really about the orgasmic potency of an individual.  The ultimate in male enhancement.  When that has been fully actualized, everything else comes naturally.



Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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  • It appears you little or nothing about the practice and are really in the business of selling “pills” that the majority of times will do nothing for a person. If you have read any of the books on the practice or learned from the teacher/translator of the books you would have a better understanding of what is going on with White Tigress Teachings. The White Tigress is liberated and able to live her life as she wants not enslaved to men. Men benefit from the practice because it helps them build jing (I hope you know what that is from TCM). The crux of the practice is to have a a couple or a woman cultivate the energy she is losing through the dragon (her period) which depletes her jing (life energy which is given at birth). Men lose their live force or jing through orgasms which the practice helps to restore. It has nothing to do with dead people or sexual deviations. I agree Mantak Chia’s practice is missing key elements and semen retention is not necessary if you know how to cultivate the energy in your body through a practice like the White Tigress. Since Taoism is 3,000 years old many concepts and ideas have been lost or destroyed. (The Chinese Emperors constantly destroyed the manuscripts in order to control the populace) Information was hidden away from the guards and kept by women practitioners in the form of diaries and pillow books. So I suggest that you really study what is being said and not jump to conclusions based upon blog marketing needs and sales.

    April 14th, 2012 comment by Tom McGrew

  • Let me ask you this: how is it “liberating” for a woman to trade true surrender to a limitless orgasmic wave via sexual intercourse… for a lifetime on her knees sucking off thousands of strange men?

    The notion that women are enslaved by men is a big ruse. It is actually the other way around. Femininity is enslaved by masculinity, yes, but this phenomenon is gender-independent and ever-present in both sexes.

    If a woman wants to conserve her jing she needs to stop being enslaved to her inner masculine. Then she won’t bleed as hard. If she wants to be free from bleeding all together, she needs to go so deep into her feminine that pure yang will arise from the void. But it is far easier to suck dicks then cultivate spirituality for real, yes?

    If you want to talk about real Taoist cultivation, there was once a female adept who wanted to go study with a sage. The sage advised her that she could not practice on the mountain in peace – as she was so beautiful she would be raped constantly by bandits. So, she disfigured her face with hot oil to show the sage how serious she was. Contrast this shocking demonstration of non-attachment to the vanity of the White Tigress and you will be ashamed.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to suck cock. I think it is awesome and perfectly natural for a woman to be on her knees servicing men. She can have incredible orgasms doing so, and if her throat is orgasmic, she can secrete special fluids that can restore a man’s jing and all that. But this will not make anyone immortal nor make them enlightened. It is something that is only of benefit to foxes and creatures in that milleu.

    Only on a sexually repressed planet do people need spirituality as an excuse to avoid OR to have sex… i.e., People use Catholicism as an excuse to repress their sexuality, and Taoism as an excuse to EXPRESS it. This is nuts!

    The human body and mind – once freed from cultural and social conditioning (the ENTIRE goal of Taoist/Buddhist cultivation) does not need to worry about losing energy and is free from all this “grasping.” Instead of gobbling goo, stopping ejaculation, and looking to another person like a vampire to restore what is lost, how about one look at the REAL reason energy is being lost? The REAL reason being that we are shadows of what could be, and need to focus what little energy and karmic choice we have to REMOVE that which stands in the way of the real primal nature that the Taoists worshiped so?

    The more one can bring forth the primal nature, the more one will find that nothing is lost, and there is nothing to restore. The primal reality is that the body knows EXACTLY what needs to be done at any moment, you just need to focus your cultivation on allowing it to come forth into your inner space.

    This is the CRUX of Taoism!

    Why fuck around with: “a couple or a woman cultivate the energy she is losing through the dragon (her period) which depletes her jing (life energy which is given at birth). Men lose their live force or jing through orgasms which the practice helps to restore.” when you can avoid the whole thing all together and have real freedom? Only because your teachers are ignorant! Why on earth would someone who incarnated into the human realm adopt a practice from a hungry ghost realm – sucking semen? Even foxes of high level don’t need to engage in sex to extract a man’s jing. So tell me, how deviant is your view?

    Once again, I have no problem with your sexual practices, I have a problem with your spiritualization of it. Nothing wrong with drinking semen and absorbing a man’s essence and doing whatever you enjoy, but don’t tell people that this will make them immortal, and repress a woman’s true sexual functioning and pleasure by telling her that sexual intercourse makes her old and all this bullshit.

    I suggest you read real books on spiritual cultivation such as “The Diamond Sutra Explained” by Nan Huai-Chin, and “The Wheel of Sharp Weapons” and “Understanding Reality” to get a better grasp of things.

    April 14th, 2012 comment by Plato Powers

  • I also have no problem with WT practices but as usual, like Plato said, the “spiritualization” of sexual practices into a spiritual cultivation that by some miracle will enable one to achieve higher levels of realization is pretty funny to me. Mantak Chia tried to do it, Winn tried to do it… look at them now and look at their students. If this is success, I don’t really want to see a “failure”.

    As for sexual cultivation as the mean to enlightenment, there are prerequisites that needs to be met to be successful. Like for instance, BOTH partners have to be in lower stages of samadhi and in full control of their mind and bodily functions.

    What we see now is a bunch of wanna-be taoists trying to control their semen while trying to get rid of their porn addiction. Yep, this is the partner an average White Tigress will get to cultivate herself. Not that she is herself stopped her mind or desire to look for a future husband to support her addiction to dragon posters and retreats where she will be looking for an alpha man to suck off…. After all, oral sex is not cheating! She is a really good person deep inside.

    April 15th, 2012 comment by Max

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