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I got my hands on one of these the other day:

What’s so awesome about this jockstrap?  It supports better erections because you can get fully erect while wearing it since the pouch is made from a super-stretchy mesh.  The mesh also allows you to get sucked off while wearing it.  So let’s say you are walking down the street and see a hot girl.  You can easily get erect under your jeans or pants without the discomfort of getting erect in tight underwear.  Sure, you can wear boxers, which increase sperm count due to their ability to allow for “free hang,” but this jockstrap also allows for hang while still keeping it tidy.  Plus the fact it’s a jockstrap means that a guy can defecate in public without letting his trunk and jewels scrape the concrete or dangle in broken glass or something like that.

I don’t know why I threw that in there, it’s just that once-in-a-great-while I need to shit in public and this would make it more convenient… just saying!

Anyway, my point is that it is a good idea to wear something that encourages erections in public.

Okay, time for an awesome sex tip!  I got this one from my friend, Jack Lawrence and it is pure dynamite!  First off, go on ebay and buy a Hitachi Magic Wand:

Then what you do is you place a pillow down on the bed, with the wand on top of it.  Next, you have your girl lie face-down and ass-up on top of this pyre of pleasure in such a manner that the head of the wand is right under her pussy.  You turn the thing on “high” and then you fuck her ass.

Why is this so awesome?  Many, many women can only cum clitorally due to internal “armor.”  Even for those that cum cervically, it is often a few, very weak contractions at best.  I’m leaving out g-spot orgasms because the g-spot is (anatomically speaking) just a deeper part of the clitoris.  We want our ladies to cum from the cervix, or like that song sings, “Hit the bottom of the pussy yo!”

The Hitachi Wand is SO powerful, that even through clothing, a woman cums hard in about 30 seconds.  Then she starts to cum clitorally again-and-again.  The vibrations are SO intense, that they start to spread throughout her entire reproductive system.  At the same time, you want to be fucking her ass because you are loosening her pelvic floor up if she is too uptight, and hitting the cervix via the rectum.  On top of this, she feels your weight on top of her, pressing down and dominating her.  You can also put her in a simulated (don’t end up in jail for murder!) choke hold to amplify her sense of having to surrender.

With some girls you can’t hit that ass immediately, so you can do the same thing but fuck her pussy instead.  After you’ve fucked her pussy in this manner for a long time, you can replace your cock with the mini-fairy from Japan:

Make sure to get the head right up against her cervical opening – or even better, in her cervical pocket.  Once you’ve got it in there snugly, you can proceed to fuck her ass.

All this stimulation is so overwhelming, you will open up the deep parts of herself to be able to orgasm.  Enjoy!




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