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There is a popular post floating around the internet that blames Walt for programming women with the wrong messages:









This is absolutely retarded.  The fact is that all these “messages” are simple reflections on the facts of life, and not some nefarious conspiracy.  I always find it amusing the way the rationalization hamster in a woman’s head finds ways to avoid dealing with reality.  Like, men have preferred beauty over a lack of it since time began.

It’s like women like to imagine there was a time when fat was attractive and talk about the curves of Marilyn Monroe.  But Marilyn weighed nothing with a tiny waist and big tits, relatively speaking.  She had no body fat.

Naturally in recent decades the homosexual community has taken over fashion like never before and started hiring models who looked like crack addicts.  Women will point to girls with anorexia and say that they were influenced by those models, but that is bullshit.

The girls with anorexia are those who lack the bone structure to be thin to begin with, and so starve themselves in order to make the measurements.   The fact that they look like some meth-head model is sheer happenstance.  It’s like Oprah could make herself as thin as Naomi Campbell, but she would have to starve herself close to death to do so.


















Here is Elena Grimaldi. She isn’t anorexic with bones showing yet she is thin.  These are the dimensions and proportions preferred by men, which is why she is a top porn starlet. If a woman doesn’t have the bone structure to possess these dimensions and proportions, she can only get to them via starvation and anorexia.

Furthermore, no man in his right mind is interested in an anorexic chick with enormous feet (most models today), but he nonetheless desires a thin woman.

The only exception are men with low self-esteem, who suffer torment when with a thin, beautiful female because they feel unworthy and always worry about her fidelity.  So they hook up with a cow because the cow won’t challenge their self-worth issues.  Here is a great perspective on the topic:

Enough about the delusions of fat females…  I found this online today and I thought to myself, “What a great tool for a PUA!”  Right after penis pills, it’s amazing for one’s confidence.







You will usually see the big versions of this in Japanese porn films – a bunch of guys using several of these at once on a woman.  The whole point being, that it opens up a woman by force.

So how would you use this on a date?  Well, let’s say you pick up a woman and and you are making out with her after a drink at your local lounge.  You want to make sure  you go home with her and have sex, but she starts resisting because she likes you too much and is afraid you won’t stick around if she gives it up too easy.  So you can pull this fucker out of your pocket, pin her down in the corner of the couch or against a wall in the street while you are making out and press this against her clitoris.  Even if she is wearing jeans, in under 1 minute she will have a powerful clitoral orgasm and it will scatter her resistance and increase the odds of her having sex with you.  Nothing puts a woman in the mood like an orgasm, and this device FORCES an orgasm on her.  These things are male enhancement pills for your game.



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