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You’d think the fact I was on male enhancement every day of my life would force me to lower my standards in a horny stupor.  But it doesn’t work for me, as I am after peak experiences.  If I need to ejaculate like I need to take a piss, then there are plenty of places to do so that don’t require any work, as time is the most important commodity one has.  The problem is NYC women are ugly.  It’s funny, because when you talk to New Yorkers, they will say “What are you talking about? NYC has the hottest women.”  It’s a psychological effect from living under conditions of deprivation for so long – one simply scales down one’s value system.  For those NYC guys who need a refresher on what beauty looks like, just go visit some Russian dating site and peruse the pictures.  Endless women who look like Victoria’s Secret models.  The Eastern Bloc is full of them.  The few who come to NYC get snapped up immediately and find their value on a scale from 1-10 at 138.  Back in Russian, drunken men beat them up and fuck them in the ass, but in America they are treated like gold and showered with money and cars.  It’s simple supply vs. demand.  Anyway, I snapped this picture on the street the other day to show you what your typical NY woman looks like:














Take a good look at these pigs!  I blurred their faces because they aren’t worth looking at.  Look at the horrendous body language of the one on the right.  Nothing worse then some girl walking around with her arms over her solar plexus – blocking all interaction with the world.  She’ showing skin, but both her and her friend have no sexuality whatsover.  They are not fat, but they have no curves or proportions- pelvis is all locked up.  They are invisible to the world because they exude nothing.  NYC is full of women like this.  They inspire nothing in men.  They are suitable for cleaning toilets or doing laundry.  It’s like someone threw together a bunch of body parts to fashion a Frankenstein of physical mediocrity.





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