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March 5th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was walking home today and I saw this woman and she was like my height and hot.  Normally dating a woman taller then me is not something that would happen because most women aren’t taller then me, and besides, it would be really weird.  A chick could be hot as hell, but if she is too tall, it sucks to be her.

Anyway, this one was acceptable because she my height although it still is a tad weird.  But I turned around to check her out and I noticed something: her legs were longer then mine.  Which means her pussy is higher then my cock.  This could be a serious problem, and led me to think back on all the women I had slept.

The bottom line is that the ideal height for a women is the height where you don’t have to bend your knees very much in order to take her from behind while standing.   With this woman I saw on the street, I would need a step ladder to do so.  I don’t think a step ladder is an acceptable form of male enhancement.  Maybe I could wear those Nu Rock boots that PUAs were so fond of a few years back?  But I hate those things.  So fucking ugly.



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