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So a friend of mine told me this story that he knew this girl who was pretty hot.  He was always hitting on her, and one day he goes to the gym she works out at, and she is there with her huge boyfriend who is a personal trainer and ex-marine.  So this dude says, “What the fuck are you talking to my girl for?” and attacks him.  He knocks him to the ground and attempts some “ground-and-pound.”  But my friend is really into MMA, unknown to most everyone.  So he proceeds to put the jealous boyfriend into a guillotine, looks over at blonde hottie, winks at her – and then puts the boyfriend to sleep!  Does it surprise you that within 2 weeks he is fucking blondie in her ass every-other-day?

Of course not.

There is this other girl I know that guys go crazy for.  She’s okay in my book, but guys are just nutso over her.  She’s not a bad girl, but useless as a girlfriend because she cheats on all her boyfriends.  Badly.  Sometimes she has had multiple boyfriends and none of them even knew it.

Anyway, so she works as a bartender and this doctor starts chasing her.  Naturally, this doctor puts her on a bit of a pedestal like a lot of men do who fall for a girl.  This other girl I know is like: “Why don’t you marry him?  He’s in love with you and is a rich doctor!”  This twat replies that she feels uncomfortable with someone who is a doctor when she is a bartender – after all, what will they talk about?

So she rebuffs him, and meets some Irish/Italian dude who works repairing AC units.  She takes one look at him and says: “I’m going to have his baby!”  Never mind that the dude already is paying child support to some other woman who said the same thing whom he doesn’t give a shit about.  Nope.  Irrelevant!  She proceeds to get knocked up by this guy even though he has no interest in marrying her or dealing with the baby.

Incredible.  So now she is a single mom whose only skills are pouring drinks and sucking cocks.  Her family is furious with her but she doesn’t care.  She is having this idiot’s baby!

I know this other girl, she is having problems with her husband whom after 7 years of marriage has suddenly become jealous and “controlling.”  He’s a tall, handsome, muscular – amazing guy whom other women would all SAY they want as a husband.  He is not a tool by any means, he just loves his wife so much.  He’s really a shining example of a good guy.  His wife just can’t understand why he suddenly has become so jealous…

…well, could it be because his intense love for and devotion to her makes him aware on a subconscious level of the fact she is cheating on him with yet another guy?  It never dawns on her… of course not!

As a matter of fact, every time I encounter some woman complaining of a partner who is jealous, controlling, insecure, etc. I always find out that the woman is either cheating on him or else planning to, and the guy is aware of it on some level.  He knows he is really second choice when she is his first.  This schism is too much for a guy who has fallen in love.

Yup.  That’s women for you.



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