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October 28th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So it seems Ex-Ohio teacher Stacy Schuler got 4 years for getting gang-banged by her students.

She looks rather good with the makeup and I’d fuck the shit out of her.  From what I heard on FOX news today (I sometimes watch it, yes) she invited like 5 footballers and had them give her oil massages and bubble baths and had sex with them.

I think it is so awesome that she got to live out that sort of fantasy.  What really sucks is that she is now facing 4 years in jail and probably will end up a target for sexually predatory guards in prison.  It’s really fucked up.

But what’s REALLY fucked up and makes me mad-as-hell is all these FAGGOT students testifying in court that their lives are destroyed due to “trauma.”  TRAUMA??? Are you fucking kidding me?  Man, when I was 17 I wish some hot teacher asked me and my friends to gangbang her in some hot tub.

What really happens is that the bible-thumping parents of these punks got all jealous that their kids were having such an amazing sex life and could no longer control them with their repressive religious crap, so they went on a witch-hunt to punish this “witch” who allowed them to eat from the tree of life.

These dopey parents were testifying in court shit like, “My son can no longer study and is a totally different person!”  Yeah Einstein, your kid wants to fuck women all the time now and he’s a totally different person because he’s a fucking man who is aware of his male potency.  Sorry your lifetime of brainwashing your sons into being dried-up repressed beings such as yourselves got undone.

Seriously, this whole idea that a woman can rape a man is so ludicrous they have to invent all sorts of nonsense to even begin to get a small percentage of society’s retards to accept such a notion.  For real, the man has to PENETRATE a woman.  He needs to have an erection for this.  If he has an erection he is INTERESTED.

How the fuck can you call this rape?  That’s why they qualify words like “rape” with the word “statutory” proceeding it.  Because it isn’t rape, it’s just an act that makes adults jealous because every adult male would love to have sex with a nubile teen.

It’s the same thing here.  Young men stunted into perpetual boyhood by dumb parents feeling violated and disturbed by a perfectly natural act of dumping a big load into a willing female.

This teacher is a brave saint and should be given a medal for empowering herself and these young people.  Free her now!

What’s even more disgusting is the fact that she is forced to present herself as crazy and with mental problems in order to escape this sick type of “justice.”  She’s far from crazy!  She’s probably the mentally healthiest woman in the fucking State of Ohio.

So best of luck to you Stacy and hopefully you won’t have to have sex with anybody you don’t want to while in prison.






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