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September 11th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was watching Dr Phil today while I ate some fish and okra, and this guy was on:

He wrote some book on how men are being destroyed by pornography and need mentors and all this sort of thing. He’s most famous for that whole Stanford University prison-simulation experiment where students were assigned roles are prisoners and guards and things got out of control.  Here is his website.

If you ask me, the guy looks like a fucking creep.  Doing an image search for him on Google, I can’t shake the feeling that he looks like someone who likes to touch the dicks of young boys.

But what do I know?  Maybe he’s okay.  I can’t disagree with what he said.  Men do need mentors, as long as they aren’t like that Sandusky guy or something…

But I will tell you what annoys me about what he said on the show.  This dude goes on-and-on about how all young guys do is jerk off to pornography on the web from 11 years old on up, and as a result they don’t develop social skills.  Between the jacking off and the video-game playing, he claims nobody grows up to be a man.

Now there are two things that piss me off here:

1.On one hand you have all these people claiming that internet porn has got every single teenager out there sending naked pictures (both girls and boys), and every teen engaged in some porn-inspired orgy of sex with no feeling.  Then on the other hand you have all these people claiming that nobody is getting laid and that both boys and girls are damaging their brains during a time when their brain is highly neuroplastic – dooming themselves to a lifetime of masturbation and going schizophrenic from inhaling too much cat liter.  Make up your mind people….  I would suggest that the majority of men and women, who are betas (men) and ugly (women), are in fact in the latter category – while all the alpha men and hot women are in the former. 

2.Dr. Phil and this Philip Zimbardo assclown keep saying how “we need more sex education” and “we need more conversations about sex.”  Hey dipshits!  What the loveless masses need is more sex.  Why does everyone always fail to grasp the obvious?  Just imagine there were people starving and someone said “we need more food education” or “we need more conversations about food.”  How ridiculous would that be?  But when we are talking about sex, everyone nods their heads in agreement instead of ridiculing these retards for making such asinine assertions.  The only reason teenage boys are watching so much porn is because they aren’t having sex, and if they are, it’s with girls who aren’t up to snuff in either the looks department or the bedroom skills department.  It’s like complaining about starving people who can’t stop eating twinkies because there is nothing else to eat. lol



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