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So last night I went out to see the midnight showing of the new movie “Snow White.”  It had it’s cornball aspects, but at the core was an amazing movie.  The best character was the evil queen played by Charlize Theron or whatever her name is.  She played the role so damn well and her costumes and effects were amazing.  It would be easy to say that the film sucked camel cock except for her, which made the film pretty darn awesome.

As a matter of fact, I never liked nor trusted Charlize Theron as a woman (not that I know her) and her acting in this film makes me like her even less. lol  She’s a great actress, but she plays these crazy bitch parts a little too well.  I would give her an Oscar for her performance in Snow White, it was that convincing.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of empathy for her character, I just think her actions are bat-shit crazy.

The film has some deep themes, that center around the trauma women suffer on this planet and what they give birth to as a results of being impregnated with said trauma.

This is actually a very real phenomena and not something from a “fairy tale.”  Women are receptive to everything around them, and take it all in – not just semen, but ideas, energies, thoughts… they take these “seeds” into them and then they give birth to something.  It could be argued that women unconsciously manifest the entire fucked up world around us.  Whose fault is this?  The men who spark the sick thoughts or the women who birth them?  That’s the subject for another blog post, so let’s just focus on the fact that this is what happens in the material world we inhabit and move on…

In the film, when the king’s wife was alive, the kingdom blossomed.  But when the king’s wife died and was replaced by Charlize Theron’s character, she slew the king and the kingdom rotted while she consumed the essence of the young around her in order to keep her own youth, beauty and power.

Looking back into the Evil Queen’s history, we find her as a young girl having a spell cast on her by an older woman to give her beauty and power in order to survive in a male dominated world.  Naturally she is cautioned not to abuse this “gift” at that point and at several points further along her personal timeline.

But apparently this initial traumatic insult goes unhealed and the power of the spell makes it grow in power along with the other aspects of herself, and after being cast aside ( once she begins to age) by the first king she seduces, she turns to the “dark side” and seduces and consumes king-after-king along with their kingdoms and subjects.  As nobody of purity greater than hers (before the spell was cast upon her) is around to negate the spell and kill her, the planet suffers under her dominion.

That is, until Snow White comes around.

To translate this into a different context, a woman requires a man who appreciates the real power that lurks beneath her beauty and knows how to handle it.  As most men ignore this true potential inside of a woman, once the woman loses her looks she is cast aside.

This infuriates the woman in the same way that a man feels infuriated when he spends his life not being recognized for his creative, masculine cock-fire and only being valued for his money.

In the case of women, they become obsessed with their looks (the only power they can experience), and using their buried manifestation power in the most animalistic way possible – giving birth to children.  Again, the only way to experience themselves.

When people’s greatest gifts are ignored, dismissed, mocked and spat upon, they go from discontented to insane very rapidly and from there the next jump is into the world of evil.

In the case of the evil queen in Snow White, she makes the jump and her manifestation power inverts – sucking the life out of everything around her in order to maintain her power and manifest greater and greater amounts of insanity.

If only a king had taken advantage of what she really carried inside of herself!  But as none could even see it past her beauty…

I think there may be a lesson men can take away from this film, and the first is understanding the reality that women are walking around filled with shit that they have accumulated their entire life, and with which they haven’t a clue what to do with, because nobody was ever conscious about what a woman’s real power actually is.  So you have a mechanism giving birth to all sorts of craziness, powered by a fundamental resentment that this mechanism was never acknowledged and respected.

To be really successful with women beyond seducing them, a man must grasp this, and figure out what to do about it.




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