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October 29th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I went to acupuncture today at City Acupuncture to get a treatment from Nadia.  She’s awesome!  I have been doing chi gung and Taoist/Buddhist cultivation stuff for years.  I know it is hard to believe when you know what I do for a living but many people have incorrect notions about such matters and don’t realize that unique karmas take one on unique paths such as manufacturing pills for more semen shots.

So I have been making great strides with Shamanic Dearmoring and along the way there was a temporary “triple heater” imbalance and I needed some needling to avert a healing crisis.  All a triple heater imbalance is, is the idea that heat is not evenly circulating in your body.  Hand reflexology is wonderful for deciphering what is wrong deep inside of your body, along with a rudimentary knowledge of acupuncture meridians.

Afterwards I just wanted to take a walk.  So I walked home from Fulton Street to Murray Hill up along through Tribeca, Soho, 7th Avenue… along the way I stopped in the Pleasure Chest and some other sex shop up the block.  Sex shops in Manhattan are always filled with lesbians looking for shit to replace a real man’s cock with.  There really isn’t anything. lol

But after browsing all the crazy toys for quite some time, there are really only a few essentials a man needs to have an awesome sex life with a woman.

The first thing is a good lubricant.  The truth is, the best natural lubricant is coconut oil.  It’s cheap, natural, and stays slick forever.  The problem with these endless commercial sex lubes is that they simply don’t stay slick.  Unless the lubricant is made with silicone.  Problem is, nobody is really sure how healthy it is for you.  So those are your two choices.  I always recommend transferring your lube into a bottle with a flip top spigot that you can buy at a place like Ricky’s, because that way you can insert the spigot into a lady’s asshole and fill her rectum with lube in preparation for anal which always generates more male ejaculation volume.

The second thing you need is a fairy wand vibrator from Japan with a dial to control the vibrations and must run on A/C and with a simple cord and plug.  A vibrator is mostly used on a woman’s clitoris, and needs to be both powerful and run for a long time.  Batteries will always run out at the wrong time, and nothing that runs on batteries is powerful enough – and if it is, then the batteries will run out even quicker.

The third thing you need is a good butt plug.  You usually have to shop for these in person, as it is hard to get the dimensions right online and the wrong butt plug takes all the fun and games out of everything.

A fairy wand can be purchased on ebay for $25 and coconut oil costs squat.  Spend your money on a quality butt plug, because nothing is worse then cheaply made sex toys.  They look horrible.

Most other sex toys for women are close to worthless for play with a partner.  Some are okay for female solo activity, but most are underpowered and ineffective.  Why?  Because they want to always sell you something new.



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