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August 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I am a big fan of Kim Anami’s sex coach website.  It’s really great to hear a woman expressing sentiments that I resonate with.

This particular page of her website however, brings up some thoughts of mine on the deeper reasons that women have issues with sex…

Women are afraid of their craving bodies, because since childhood they have been conditioned by the social matrix to fear it.  Why?  Because it is the social matrix itself that has this fear of being left alone with their craving bodies – so it gives them a taste of its’ own mind.  Since the social matrix is so strong, after a while women begin to identify with it… and then finally think that its’ mind is their own mind.

But why is the social matrix so terrified of female sexuality?  Why does it fear the sexual nature of a woman? Because the sexual awakening of women would utterly destroy the social matrix within a lunar year and the social matrix is a living consciousness that is afraid to die like most other forms of sentience.

Why would the sexual awakening of women utterly destroy the social matrix?  Because the entire social matrix we inhabit is built upon a foundation of sexual repression.  Of course, it’s of critical importance to note that when I say “sexual repression”, I am really referring to “orgasmic repression” because people can have sex all day yet remain orgasmically impotent.  Pornography is the best example of high-performance, albeit orgasmically-empty sex.

So when Kim talks about being well-fucked, it’s really more then just being fucked. :)


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