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December 13th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Tonight it’s cold in NYC – finally!  Not bitter cold, but cold enough with low enough moisture to just want to lay in bed and do squat.  This week has a bunch of holiday parties, and tomorrow at 11am my braces come off.   I’ve been working on a lot of projects in all aspects of my life, and my dental work was one of them and now that it is coming to a close I expect a lot of other things to come to fruition as well soon – with many of them involving semen volume increases!  I also lost a lot of weight and put on some muscle and will continue down that path.  I’ll reveal some of my other projects as they unfold.

Here is a funny video BTW.  One of my friends said I am the “MC Who Cock-Blocks Himself” and when I watch it, I even dress with that exact shirt and jacket sometimes.  Too funny!

I do have the tendency to say dumb shit to women quite often.  Only lately have I begun “acting” normal and it is pretty boring.  No more talking to them about my massive load pills!  Part of the problem is I just get fed up with the state of relations between men and women in NYC.  It has just gotten so sad.   When I walk down the street I am happy even when I am miserable.  Listening to music and bopping up and down and smiling.  Maybe 1x a day some woman smiles back, and it is only after she gets over her shock that somebody is happy and sharing it with her.  Life in this town is harsh…



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