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October 30th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to make this country and our planet better.  One of the things that needs to be done, is we need more serious qualifications to allow someone to run for office.  I mean, doesn’t it worry you that the men who determine the direction of the nation have no qualifications?  If you need pipes fixed, you call a plumber – so why is it that when you need the nation fixed you hire someone whose only qualification is they borrowed millions in order to win a popularity contest, and now have paying this loan back as their top priority?

Which brings us to the subject of lobbyists… why is it that special groups with a lot of money can get together and hire some dude (the lobbyist) whose job is basically to bribe congresspeople and senators so that the special interest groups become their top priority?

Aren’t the AMERICAN PEOPLE and their welfare the top priority?

Furthermore, it is absolutely idiotic that we elect someone who then votes FOR us on issues.  Are we incapable of voting for ourselves?

Running for office should be 100% free, and we should have serious qualifications in order to run for office.  Such qualifications could be:

1.You need to have run a FINANCIALLY VIABLE business that produced REAL GOODS & SERVICES for at least 10 years.

2.You need to have at least a master’s degree in either math, science, engineering or medicine.

3.You need to demonstrate artistic accomplishment in painting, sculpture, music, or literature.

These requirements would weed out most of the population and ensure that we get candidates who possess wisdom.  Said  candidates would have to produce a platform with detailed solutions and implementation vectors which could be displayed online.  On voting day, people would go to their voting machines (old-school ones) and pull the lever.

Anyway, it’s just some random thoughts… I went to a tantric conference today for a few minutes.  Just to check out the action.  I think it was Roissy (I think) who once blogged that polyamoury is a hook-up service for sexual undesirables.  It’s hysterical because it’s true!

Before that I had an awesome workout with my new Versa Gripps Pro.  I was training back so it was the perfect day to give them a tryout.  They are fantastic, in part because they don’t cut-off blood circulation like traditional wrist straps, but they still do a little bit.  You don’t feel it until a few hours later, where if you are sensitive your hands or wrists will feel a little weird.  I also took my weight-lifting belt in yet another notch!  I keep losing my waistline and I”m down to like 32.  My goal is to get to 30!   I have to remember to give one of my friends at the gym a bottle of my massive load pills on Monday when I do deadlifts.

This friend is planning on fucking a Korean midget on Halloween, and I want him to be able to execute an extreme ejaculation as a Halloween surprise.



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