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December 11th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

…running around NYC for SantaCon 2011.  Seriously, today I popped a ton of male enhancement pills and went outside to do some food shopping.  The streets were filled with thousands of drunken Santas.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I looked online  and realized there was some stupid pub crawl organized where everybody dresses up like Santa and all the chicks dress up like reindeer.

It’s amazing how you can get the common people all excited to do something so… banal.  It’s just what I call “lowest common denominator” behavior.  On par with wearing another alpha male’s name on your sports jersey and going out drinking.  I mean how the hell are you going to get laid dressed up like Santa Claus when 20,000 other people have the same idea?  I just can’t wrap my mind around it.  What would motivate you to say “Hey!  That’s a cool idea.  Let’s all dress up as Santa Claus and get wasted!”  Seriously folks I’m stumped as to why this is an attractive option for a Saturday night.

Jesus, I can’t wait until my braces come off on Tuesday so I can go back to serious gaming on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights… I’m in a really bad mood today. I don’t want to get into it and freak people out…  too much rotting male sexual potency no doubt.  People always have dumb advice like “go masturbate” or “go to a massage parlor” or “go fuck any-old bitch you can pick up at the bar.”

But this same logic is why they can never relate to a woman as a real man.  See, when you get drunk, smoke pot, and fuck substandard women, you basically just repress your inner rage.  The rage you feel because your manhood is missing.  Yeah, playing with your inner rage may get you killed or incarcerated, but it’s your only shot to relate to a woman correctly, because underneath that rage is your manhood.  You ever wonder why your girlfriends and wives stop having sex with you after a while?  Does it make any sense?  I mean, women are more sexual then men.  The want sex more then men.  So why would they stop having interest after a while?  For the same reason mothers don’t have sex with their sons!

For real motherfuckers!  HOW MANY men stop getting sex the moment they get married?  HOW MANY men’s girlfriends choose sleep over sex before long?  Women GET ENERGY from REAL orgasms!  What’s going on here?

One of my friends said something very interesting the other night at L’Express.  You know how you meet a woman sometimes and the sexual chemisty is just SO CRAZY?  All you want to do is fuck and it ain’t coming from the mind.  It’s just pure biological energy.   THOSE are the ONLY women you should be hunting down.  That crazy chemistry is your DNA going “That’s who I want to reproduce with!”  You don’t have to reproduce, of course, but that’s whom you should be lovers with.

Naysayers will say all this negative shit about such chemistry because they are scared of it.  Life doesn’t care if you are scared, and it doesn’t care about the psychological problems of the participants.  It just looks to improve upon life – to make the DNA better.

So be a fucking man and embrace the primal rage because underneath it is your manhood.  Stop hiding from fucking life by creating relationships with women who inspire nothing and challenge nothing.  Because otherwise you’re just another fucktard in a Santa suit thinking they are soooooo revolutionary.



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