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November 13th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

There is no better way to boost virility then to rock out with your cock out like some fucking rock star.  The best way to do this is to order clothes from Korea online.  You’ll be the only one in your town wearing them and get lots of action from the ladies who enjoy these unique looks.  I suggest going on ebay as the best place to buy these sorts of styles, just keep in mind that Koreans are pretty small so I guy like me who is 6’1″ and 180lbs. wears size XXL.

Speaking of XXL, I went to see “Immortals” last night with my friend and his girl out in like Sheepshead Bay.

The movie was amazing, as was Mickey Rourke as usual.  Mickey tends to play himself, but he is still one of my favorite actors.  Maybe I shouldn’t say he “plays himself” because that is really Robert DeNiro’s forte, it is more like Mickey Rourke channels a certain spectrum of energy.

The film has incredible visual effects and visual style and tells a wonderful story about a king played by Rourke who goes against the gods.  While I don’t approve of his cruelty in the film, I approve of his war on heaven and side with him and the titans that he unleashes.

The word “titan” is the Greek word for “asura” so the story about the titans vs. the gods is the same as the Vedic mythology about the asuras vs. the devas.

I personally have an issue with god or whomever created this place because I think they did a shitty job at best, and a cruel job at worst by creating a world where people are really doomed to suffer.

Seriously, even if you believe in karma as I do and adopt a Buddhist viewpoint… the very nature of karma is such that the majority of humans will always be headed down instead of up.  It’s like humanity and the entire human realm sits at the mouth of hell and that isn’t fair.

For example, if somebody has bad karma returning to them in this life, it is possible that the combination of the suffering – that the returning karma causes, will combine with a lack of wisdom as to how karma works – to create a situation where one will only lash out and commit more evil.  This not only fails to increase semen in the karmic sense (lol – seo…), but only drags one lower into the depths.

In that respect, I feel that the design of things is fundamentally flawed.



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