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Yeah, the above headline is pretty ridiculous.  About as ridiculous as two airplanes bringing down the towers.

My name is Plato Powers, and I’ve lived in Manhattan my whole life.  When the towers came down I was working in television, and on the way to work that morning I heard the first plane come in before I got in the subway.  It did not sound like a commercial aircraft.  More like a military aircraft.  To be honest, the sound it made reminded me of a F-117 Stealth I once saw over Manhattan.  I took note of how weird the engine sounded, then got in the subway.

When I sat down at my desk at work, I was wondering where everybody was.  Then my friend Robert called me and told me a plane flew into one of the towers.  I was like “Huh?” and he was like “You work in television and you don’t know this?  Go look at one of the TVs around you!”  So I went into one of the conference rooms with a big TV and everyone was gathered around.

The site was awesome!  Something out of a movie!  A plane had crashed into one of the towers and it was surreal.  Not a surprise really, because a WW2 bomber had flown into the Empire State Building many years ago and pieces of the fuselage are still embedded within the structure.

It was all fun and games until another plane hit the second tower.  Clearly this was some form of terrorist attack?

Some guy in the room began betting on the possibility that the towers would fall down.  Naturally, this would be IMPOSSIBLE given the STRENGTH of the buildings, coupled with the fact that an aircraft is by-and-large a thin-skinned metal INSECT in comparison to one of those towers.

Sure, there were fires where the planes hit, but they were belching black smoke which implies a low-temperature fire with NO FOCUS.   Just imagine trying to weld steel and saying: “I don’t need an oxy-acetylene torch – I will just put these two pieces of steel in a pool of gasoline and light the whole thing up! That should weld them together!”

So naturally I knew the buildings would be safe.  Besides, no steel building has EVER collapsed due to fires up to 50x worse then the ones in the towers…

…until one of them collapsed – the same way in which it would in a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

Once the first building got demolished, I knew the second one would come down shortly – and it did, IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER!!!

Nope, the towers didn’t fall over and they didn’t break apart.  They collapsed in what is probably the largest controlled demolition EVER.

Some time later, Building WTC7 came down in the same manner DESPITE the fact it had NOT been hit by any planes. Here is a video of the property owner, Larry Silverstein, admitting on WORLDWIDE TELEVISION that WTC7 was a controlled demolition:

It takes weeks, if not months to set up a demolition job like this.  Why was WTC7 – one of the strongest buildings around, wired up with explosives?

“Building 7″ is the fucking smoking gun.

But they tell you that 9/11 was caused by Moslem terrorists???  What a huge ejaculation of bullshit!

The dark side has always known that people PREFER to be sleeping slaves – dreaming they are free, rather then being awake and doing the hard work of self-liberation on the path towards the ideal of personal sovereignty.

But why is this?  There is a Dr. Who episode where he destroys the cybermen by disabling their emotional-inhibitor hardware.  Once these humans can feel that they no longer have a physical body and are just steel robots, they go insane and self-destruct.

The reality is that most of us are already cybermen and it is too painful to wake up and feel that we are, in fact, robots.  The only way to become human again is to endure the agony of the metal body while re-shaping it into a human one.  For most people, this process is too painful.  Why end up in a mental institution or self-destruct when you can just take SSRIs to numb the pain, forget about the metal armor, and turn on a football game?



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