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September 20th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

So anyway, the other day I was talking about my crazy online dating profile.  It was actually inspired by Dimitri the Lover, whom I think is the coolest PUA ever.  A lot of my friends agree with the common view that he is a douche bag and a piece of shit, but I think he totally rules and subscribe to his hilarious tweets which I wake up to in the morning.  Nothing is better then waking up in some chick’s bed that you just fucked and getting a tweet from Dimitri. If you go to his website, http://dimitrithelover.com/ and read his “Observations on Life” you will die laughing at his genius.

So naturally most women online are horrified at my profile.  Why is this?  Well, I got an email from Vin DiCarlo today.  Vin DiCarlo is a friend of mine from back in the day, and he is marketing some new course on how to score same-day lays and points out that most women are looking for “relationship sex” as opposed to just “sex,” so one has to know where to go to find women who want “just sex.”  Of course, his top pick is college campuses, which is only natural because as I said before, women have no need to earn a living at that stage in their life and so have no incentive to become whores – as they do when they are out of college and looking for “something more,” or, a “relationship.”  All code words for whoring…

So women see my profile and they see that I am decent looking, 6’3″ and make money – but they also see I cannot be fucked with.  Most of them run away, with a few of them dropping me a line about how much they admire the “balls” behind posting such a profile.

The other day Ok Cupid sent me one of their dumb “consumption” emails which from a marketing stand point is where they send you an email with “matches” or “so-and-so is checking you out right now” to get you to continue to consume their product.  I notice that every other “matches” email has hot girls.  The other one will have all ugly girls.  I wonder if somebody picks them out by hand?  Probably.

So I see one girl and she is actually kind of hot.  I mean, I’d like to fuck her and fill up all her holes with my cum.  So I send her a message with one word: “Nice.”  That’s all.  I don’t spend any time coming up with stuff to say because quite honestly all women look at is your height and if you are cute and just enough of a tool to take advantage of.   It’s quite laughable to imagine all these guys scouring some bitch’s profile looking for something to “connect” over.  Like, “OMG! We like the same music!” or “You snowboard?  Wow, so do I!”  The women fill their profiles with dishonest garbage anyway, the most annoying of which is their feigned helplessness.  Like they want you to swoop in and rescue them or something.

Here is some old skool noise to cheer you up:



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