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March 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Looks like Tila Tequila had a brain aneurysm – allegedly from doing too many drugs or something and may have suffered brain damage.  This is really sad because I like this girl even though she is most probably batshit crazy.  But she is one of those girls who helps me to increase semen every time I see her picture.

I know she is under 5′ and that qualifies her as an elf, but nothing improves erectile function like getting your penis pumped up by that small little box of hers.  I’m making the assumption it is small, of course… how could god give such a tiny girl anything but a tiny pussy?  But then again, we all know there is no god. lol

It’s hard to tell from this article if Tila took that overdose because she had an aneurysm or if the aneurysm was a result of the overdose.  I can’t imagine it is the former, but that is probably what they are trying to paint it as since they are trying to save face.  It’s silly for them to do so, because even the town moron knows that drugs cause aneurysms and heart attacks (i.e. Whitney Houston).

Nonetheless, I hope she recovers because I like her very much and I wish she would just find someone to love her.  Since she has fame, money, and looks… all this girl really needs is love.



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