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November 22nd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Yeah, I know that headline is gay and all, but you can enhance yourself by taking huge cum pills, and you can also do so by doing a little spiritual work.

The whole PUA movement began when losers who couldn’t get laid with hotties looked at winners who could and asked themselves “What do these guys have – and what are they doing, that I am not?” Once they began to discern these things, they set out to mimick these things.

And of course you get results by doing this sort of thing. But you are always a faker like Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga doesn’t have the inner magic that a Dale Bozzio or a Pete Burns has, but she mimicks their outward traits – becoming a Golem of sorts. It works, as millions of other empty human beings follow her like the pied-fucking-piper.

But you are always empty on the inside and this makes you crazy. Just like you present an attractive shell, you attract other attractive shells – and you play a shell game with yourself trying to obtain satisfaction.

So we have these PUAs who talk about “authenticity” which is a step in the right direction but they just end up behaving like the beta male tools they were trying to get away from being. Or they talk about inner game but that is just code for trying to figure out how not to hate themselves.

In a way, when women say that the best thing you can do to get girls is to just “be yourself” they are right. Problem is that nobody ever defines what it means to “be yourself.”

If we could only figure out what this form of male enhancement is we could all power up and win the game of relating.

“Being yourself” means to walk around as an integrated, de-armored human being. To have your heart open and connected to your cock. To feel things yet still “have heart.”



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