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January 31st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

I was just watching “The Bachelor” for the first time in my life and what a train-wreck of a show that is…

First off, Ben should just pick Courtney because she’s the only hot girl on the show, and because she’s totally psycho. Can you imagine how good this girl is in bed?  He should just pick her and then fuck her in every episode until the show ends. I mean, in reality every guy knows who he wants to fuck within seconds of entering a room so what is all this bullshit about these women competing? If they should compete in any aspect, it should be with respect to their dick-sucking skills and how submissive they can be. Here is a picture of crazy Courtney, who does much to increase semen production in virile men such as myself:

But the whole show is utterly unrealistic and I will tell you why: Ben is not an alpha male.  He’s a fucking little boy.  Just take a look at this child…

The worst part about watching this major-league joke, is watching how he kisses the women, and how uncomfortable he is with anything sexual.  You’d swear he was a homosexual because he kisses those girls the way you would kiss another man if it were to save your mother’s life.


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