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February 17th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

One of my friends asked me today if my folks pressure me to have kids.  Luckily for them they don’t. ;)

Most parents desire their children to have children for 3 reasons:

1.They feel like they are somewhat “immortal” because their genes were passed on.

2.They want you to suffer like they did and lose your freedom by having children, too.

3.They are just victims of social programming.

It is fun to play with these genetic urges because they increase libido in both men and women…  one of my friends used to turn girls on by telling them he wanted to knock them up.  One of his lines was to tell her that he wanted to knock her up in the bathroom of whatever bar they were at.  It worked a few times.  I dunno… I never see a woman and have the urge to impregnate her – no matter how amazing her genetic material may be.

Another friend used to role play this nonsense while fucking them, fantasizing that he was going to knock them up.  This always seemed really damn dangerous, because during sex a woman is open to having all sorts of suggestions implanted into her.  Unless you really want to get her pregnant, I’d think twice about it!



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