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It always helps if one avoids language like “break up” because in reality, people simply relate with each other, and explore said relating.  The problem is 99% of people aren’t conscious of what they are creating. This is why I like to be very upfront with women about what my expectations from them are, and who I am – this way there isn’t any drama. Most men lie, and misrepresent themselves and their intentions towards women, only to resort to manipulation in order to get their needs met – which creates endless bullshit which they repeat with woman-after-woman. To be fair, 99% of women are the same way, always presenting a false reality of themselves and then attempting to manipulate the man into getting their needs met once they have them ensnared in their charms.

Everybody is familiar with a woman trading sex for money, and most people turn a blind eye to women trading sex for social status (via marriage and career).  But very few people pay attention to women who trade sex for emotional need fulfillment.  This is because most men are more then happy to use this route to the pussy as they mistakenly consider it to be the least expensive route.

If partners keep passing through your life in a similar manner (you feel like it’s the “same old story”) and if you are genuinely interested in putting a stop to it, then you must be willing to look at what you may be doing to create these experiences. I put emphasis on “may” because it is possible you are not doing anything that you can or should change.

But it is important to take a good look at what is actually happening rather then dodging the opportunity to be responsible by simply repeating nonsense like some parrot, i.e., “I know for sure there is one out there for me who will love me for who I am.” The problem with this statement is that first you have to be you – in order for someone to love you for it!

If you fail to become yourself, then the only thing you can attract is people who will (at best, lol) show you the things that are blocking you from becoming it. The irony is that this is the only way of truly loving the real you. :)

Here is my method of choice for becoming you:


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