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December 19th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

When I am walking about town cracked out on sperm pills, I find that listening to my favorite tunes on my Sansa mp3 player keeps my heart open.  Naturally, it’s best to opt for songs that are happy and expansive for your heart, as opposed to listening to tracks that don’t do so.  Like, when I am feeling pissed off I may listen to Necro, but I find that it isn’t the best vibration to mack on the cuties.  Here is a song from the 1980s that I have on my mp3 player that puts me in the mood for pick-up:

Anyway, the whole trick is to “open yourself first” as the legendary 60 likes to say. The music gets your heart open, but then you need to get your genitals open. That’s where penis pills come in. What you need to do is be horny enough and then allow yourself to get erections in public. Just focus on feeling your cock and allowing it to get hard. Let your cock guide you to receptive women. It will always be easier to get an erection around a receptive woman! When you see a women who is receptive, allow yourself to get hard while making eye contact. Don’t be creepy about it, and you will do just fine! If you have a lot of tension, and haven’t done dearmoring yet, I find that taking some Tadalafil will help you to make the requisite connection.



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