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December 7th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I have always had good luck in dealing with strippers.  My first girlfriend was one, and I dated a few more in my life.  If you live in NYC,  they are all extremely beautiful, which combined with sexual antics, makes for quite a draw.  For example, last night I was doing squats (a great form of male enhancement) at the gym at midnight, and met a friend for food afterwards at L’Express:

This place is open 24 hours a day and my only complaint is that it is very obvious that the cook hates his job because he manages to impair what should be great-tasting fare.  It’s like he has NO LOVE and you can taste it in the food.  But at 2am on a Tuesday morning nothing else is open.

Being that the food looks good but lacks taste and love is probably why it attracts so many off-duty strippers who come there to eat with their loser boyfriends.  Last night there were 4 of them.  1 was a 10, the other was a 9, 8, 7 – respectively.

All of them, despite their beauty, had an aura of darkness around them.  For those who are sensitive to such things, it is rather depressing.  I suppose being born so hot has drawbacks, as your father may end up fucking you and the trauma will drive you into stripping so you can take it out on the male population.

My problem with strippers (despite my success with them and their ability to trigger unexpected libido enhancement) is that you can never really have a relationship with them.  In order to fuck or date them, you need to be uninterested in their looks.  This requires that you either be more interested in men, or else you have to re-wire yourself in such a way in order to get them, that when you get them – you will never be able to enjoy them.

Strippers, like many women in today’s world who were damaged by their parents due to a whole gamut of trauma ranging from divorce on through incest are incapable of having a relationship where healthy feelings become involved because there is just too much trauma inside that they run from.  When a man gets into their space who is capable of eliciting feeling and drawing out all of their psychic poison, they either run away, or else go on the attack.  They could be healed by the right man, but as it won’t be an easy journey, most women by nature lack the courage and conviction to proceed.

So instead they divide their time between fleecing and tormenting men, and hanging out with boyfriends who are easy to control, not interested in them, or else total scumbags that reflect their internal image.



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