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Here I sit, and sirens wail.  NYC is the land of the never-ending siren.  You’d swear there was a natural disaster several times a day at the rate it goes on.  Sometimes (like last night) I try to watch an episode of “Two And A Half Men” and there are sirens outside on the street for the entire duration of the show.  Right now there are fire trucks with sirens and horns blaring like someone’s life depends on it (probably not) for 6 minutes straight already.  It sure doesn’t help that Obama and that idiot from Iran and the entire United Nations are in town.  Why they stuck the UN in the most crowded city in America is beyond me.  They should transplant the UN to Iowa and leave us the hell alone.

When I was in Vegas, I heard one ambulance siren. lol!

Why do I love Vegas?  First let me say that I am in love with the desert, which means I am in love with the entire American Southwest:  Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada are all options for me.  The deserts are so beautiful because there is nothing there, so the mind gets very quiet and becomes fascinated with the nothingness.  Deserts are magickal places!

Next, life is inexpensive out there: food is delicious and cheap (high-quality ground beef for $1.99/lb.), housing is affordable, cars don’t rust in the dry warmth so you can drive them forever…  I was sitting outside a Yogurtland one day eating a $2.78 yogurt that would be like $8 in NYC staring out at the desert mountains, surrounded by former strippers with their demon spawn and thinking about how this is the American Dream if there ever was one.  Yeah… I’m always smiling in the American Southwest – even if I’m unhappy.

My only complaint with the American Southwest is that law enforcement is a pain in the ass.  You better not be anywhere near drugs in Sheriff Joe Arpio’s Maricopa County (Arizona), and you can’t drive over 35 mph anywhere or at any time in Las Vegas unless you want to get pulled over.  But, since I have zero interest in drugs and there is nowhere to get to quickly in the desert anyway, I can accept these statutory aggravations.  Plus, you can pack heat all over the place so in other ways law enforcement is uber-liberal.

But there is another reason I love the American Southwest so much.  The women!  The most gorgeous American girls are all over the place, and they love sex!  Why do you think the adult industry does a lot of recruiting there?  Why do you think the University of Arizona is so popular.  If you are a senior in high school or ready to attend college, attend the University of Arizona.  I don’t care if you got accepted to Harvard!  If you are a man and you are straight (and not disadvantaged in some physical way), go to the University of Arizona.   If you need to delay your entrance for 1 year to get six-pack abs or something then fine, but go thee to the land of plenty!

Nevada is another wondrous playpen, but you need to hang with locals and not be a tourist idiot.  When I walk about in residential areas, work out at a local gym (I like Gold’s Gym on Lake Mead Blvd), etc. I find beautiful women make eye contact, smile at me, and appear super-interested.  It is easy to start a conversation in Whole Foods or Fresh & Easy with a super-hottie.

So I began to wonder, “Where do all the endless hot and friendly women in Vegas go to meet men?”  I began to befriend local girls no matter what they looked like all over the place and asked them all the same question.  They had answers!  Most of them complained that they outnumbered the men by 6:1 and many had become bisexual because worthwhile men are so few and far between.  Due to the endless easy access to gorgeous women, most men are either aspiring pimps or else accomplished players.  If you have a source of income independent of the labor of a woman, and can refrain from cheating with every chick in sight, you are the catch-of-the-day. lol

So, I ventured out to where the locals hang out and I was in for a shock:  One place I went to had at least 200 women ranging from HB8 to HB10.  Women like this are almost never seen in NYC, and if they are you can be assured they are surrounded by men you can’t compete with.  But here there were 200+ in one spot on a given night and there was almost no competition.

I had the time of my life…  Women were coming up to me and going “You’re hair makes you look so gorgeous, followed by a make-out.”  Shit, you can actually pick women based on their personality and intelligence, since they are all HB8 or higher.

Here’s the thing with men: looks and sex take priority to everything else.  It isn’t that we don’t appreciate your intelligence and personality… we do… it’s only that we only appreciate it after we’ve had our sexual desires and desire for beauty met.

But when I returned to NYC, everywhere I go women are miserable, look down at the ground, shun contact from men, and have serious mental problems.  You know what the difference is?  Women in NYC are all HB7 and under and consequently suffer from low self-esteem.  Low self-esteem is simply the product of you knowing you are inferior.  It’s not a “limiting self belief.”  It’s simply the reality of your situation.  When a woman isn’t hot, not pretty, or is lacking a smoking body, all these issues come up.  Unless of course,  she is obese or so ugly to such a degree that she cast off all these issues years ago because the situation had been so bad and hopeless for so long that she couldn’t even afford to run the bad attitude, the bitchiness, and the entitlement.

When a woman lacks what is necessary to compete as a woman, she moves to NYC to compete as a man with anonymity.

Here is a picture I pulled off a Facebook profile of a guy I met at a party once:








Just take a good look at these hopelessly unattractive girls!  Of course they need feminism, because they could never be anyone’s mail order bride, or the cure for anybody’s yellow fever.  Actually, they got one thing wrong: they could be some dude’s subservient housewife since those things can be learned.  They can attend a vocational trade school in sandwich making, perhaps… Maybe they could be a sex toy as well, but certainly not a fantasy sex toy!

Notice who miserable they look!  It’s because they know they will never experience a man of any social value lusting after them.  They will go through their lives unloved.  In this respect, I take great pity on them – but the problem is they are poisoning other women who could be lusted after and who could get plenty of love.  I see this mind-virus propagating all over NYC.

Now many guys in NYC will say “What the fuck are you talking about?  NYC women are the hottest in America!”  This is because as a man you automatically downgrade your ranking system for your environment thanks to the indiscriminate nature of testosterone, whereas women don’t downgrade their own ability to self-assess. This is incidentally why high-testosterone women fuck with the lights on no matter what they look like.  Thanks to high-testosterone, they don’t give a shit!

I have two friends who used to think NYC women were so hot.  Then one went to Thailand, the other France.  LOLOLOLOL!!!

Ultimately, it is the fault of ugly parents for breeding ugly children.  Before you procreate, take an honest look at yourself and your partner.  If you aren’t attractive people, ask yourself if you want your children to suffer as much as you did.  Chances are you will say “yes” because you are a selfish piece of shit. lolz!

Anyway, the point is if you stay in NYC long enough, as a man you begin to wither and die.  Because no woman will reflect back to you how awesome you are.  As a matter of fact, the more awesome you are, the more abuse you will get, and the more you will think you are the opposite of awesome.  You will open several sets a night in bars in NYC and women will abuse you, look at you like you have shit on your face, ignore you like you don’t exist… You will start to think maybe you just don’t know how to dress, or you don’t have enough money, or you just say the wrong things in conversation all the time, or that you secretly hate women and they are picking up on it.

It’s all bullshit.

When you go to a place with beautiful (and consequently sane) women, you suddenly realize that there is nothing wrong with you.  You’re actually a handsome guy and all those courses on “game” that you studied really do work.  Women are not interested in you solely for your fat wallet, and love sex.

This is why American men need to travel ASAP once they learn game, so they can realize how fucked up American women are. They need to experience who they really are reflected back to them by women, before they shrivel up into nothing by being ignored and shunned to the point they think they are all alone in the universe.

Except in the American Southwest!


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