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I’m in a pissed off mood so I am going to vent.  NYC girls are ugly.  There, I said it.  People are always talking about how hot NYC women are, and whenever you hear bullshit like this, you can be sure of 1 of 3 things:

1.They come from some inbred shit town. This includes ANYWHERE in New Jersey. lol

2.They spend all their time on 5th Avenue in midtown where everybody is a tourist.

3.They come from San Francisco.

Yup.  San Franciso is very interesting.  You can walk around for months and not see a woman you’d want to fuck.  Not surprisingly, there are plenty of women in that town that will aggressively try to fuck you, because every man in San Franciso is either sucking dick or else a granola-crunching pussy.

Back to NYC.  I walk around a lot because it helps me to relax, and it helps me to pick up women.  Sadly, I can walk all day long and often see nothing worth talking to.  Like last week, I saw ONE woman who was really worth talking to.  ONE.  There were a few others who were fuckable, but not approachable with any kind of integrity.  Meaning, I don’t walk up to women and pick them up “just for practice” like some PUA dirtbag haunting the Whole Foods at Union Square.  I actually have to feel something:  either I have to feel something in my cock (ideal) or they just have to be truly beautiful – or feminine, or sexual.  Not like, “Oh she has a nice ass let me see if I can fuck her.”  It’s when you approach for such reasons that you have to use all sorts of “game” and other bullshit.  When you actually feel something you can be authentic and it flys.

As a matter of fact, the moment I started going authentic I began to hesitate to approach women on the street who are fuckable, and at first I thought it was approach anxiety.  But whenever I see a top-shelf woman, I approach her no matter where – without hesitation.  So where is the approach anxiety? Then I realized one day, that the problem in this town is that there is so much shit and such little gold, that after a while you have no choice but to objectify the women with the nice asses or else you go insane from sexual starvation.  The situation certainly won’t help you improve sperm count.  Then when you approach and you bomb or she flakes, you wonder if your game doesn’t need improvement when you shouldn’t need game to begin with!

Looking back, I realize I have dated/fucked nothing but foreign women for at least 10 years.  That is saying something.  Compare NYC to Chicago.  In Chicago women are truly beautiful.  Same in Boulder, Colorado.  It made me suspect the “waste product” from all around America comes to NYC.  All the best stuff goes to LA, clearly… what’s so awesome about Los Angeles is there are so many 9s and 10s that the 7s and 8s go begging – more desperate then the trolls in San Franfaggot.   And LA 7s and 8s are NYC 9s and 10s.  Miami is a wonderful place that is sex-positive, with friendly and beautiful women.  Phoenix, AZ is great too: if you go to bars in Scottsdale every woman looks like a Playboy model and is approachable to boot.

But in this town, the women are far from beautiful.  Their bodies are all misshapen and they think they are men.  When a woman thinks she is a man, there goes any hope of a sex-positive aura. Summertime is the worst, because all these women flaunt their ugly feet and potato-sack physiques with pride.  The show, “Sex and the City,” is actually really accurate about the caliber of female in this town.  All the women in that show are downright disgusting.




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