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PUA “Mystery” used to talk a lot about the idea of negs, unfortunately they were like “Negs  1.0″ so they didn’t work all that well as loser guys ran around insulting women all over the place.

What negging really is, is a negation of an assertion that is put forth in such a manner as to indirectly imply a slight dosage of rejection.  Women do this ALL the time when they are talking with men.

The normal human tendency when you find someone you are attracted to, is to want to establish a connection with them.  What negs ultimately do, is throw a small, temporary monkey-wrench into the connection clockworks which actually magically works to accelerate the connection.

In this regard, one should think about negs less in terms of “insult” and more in terms of “type mismatching” from NLP.

A good example of this is:

“Wow, you seem so adventurous.  I’d really like to travel the world with you.”

“Oh?  Do you carry a lot of luggage when you travel?”

“Ummm… like a big suitcase.”

“Then we wouldn’t work.  I can’t travel with women who pack a ton of shit when they travel. The most I take on a trip is a small carry-on with wheels.”

“But what does my luggage have to do with you?”

“Oh, like I’m going to be walking alongside you in the airport with a small sack filled with libido enhancement supplements while you are hauling some massive suitcase and everybody shooting daggers at me because I am not helping you?  Please!”

So you can see that this dialogue is somewhere between negging and type mismatching.  Ultimately, you are disqualifying a girl enough that she will try harder to qualify herself at her next chance.

Ultimately, your frame should always be one of potential disqualification.  You can’t be that way all the time, obviously… but when you find yourself getting too excitable become conscious and switch your own internal frame.

This is because you really don’t know much about any woman you haven’t had sex with yet.  Maybe you are sexually incompatible?

Even if you have had sex with her and she is just perfect, you don’t know if she is hiding a drug problem or psychosis.  So don’t have a ticker-tape parade just yet to celebrate your new “soul mate.”

Speaking of sexual compatibility, this is the #1 reason relationships fail.  The common wisdom is that money is the demise of all relationships and there is a lot of truth to that assertion.  However, a woman (or man) who is getting rocked on a regular basis will always find a way to keep it going.  If a relationship fails despite sexual compatibility, it is usually due to the overwhelming urge of humans to get controlling and such that muck it up.

So one of the things a man should do besides work towards becoming independently wealthy, is working on his sexual power.  Besides taking cum pills, he should be taking courses like Shamanic Dearmoring and studying with men like Shantam Nityama.  Not only does this increase a man’s sexual power, but it magnetically draws in women who are functional.





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