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February 6th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Not much increases semen volume like sluts! Thank god for them, and what a shame most women are working girls. This video from Johnny Soporno is really good and drives home this point…

One of my personal issues, is that as my skills as a PUA got really solid and I really got connected to the energies in my own body… I got hit with the reality that most women in America want nothing to do with sex. On the surface this may make no sense. Until we begin to realize that to be actively sexual – or a “slut,” one has to be really inside of one’s body – and how many people in this country can lay claim to that?

We live in a culture that abhors being inside the body no matter how attracted we are to the notion of natural male enhancement. Just now, the Giants (my home team) won the Super Bowl and people in the streets screamed for 1 hour straight. Most will hear them screaming for their home team, but I hear thousands of people just plain screaming because of all the unresolved stuff deep in their tissues – projected onto an external event. Football becomes the convenient excuse for them to let out their pain without actually feeling it directly… and that is the purpose of football to begin with. It was promoted by Edward Bernays (Freud’s cousin) specifically as an outlet for people’s internal stressors that arise from being a slave and not even realizing it.


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