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This is my response to a comment left by Julian Curtis Lee about this post of mine…

The sexual revolution of the 1960s and the work of Wilhelm Reich unfortunately got hijacked by the “Illuminati” and co-opted so that people these days think it was about “sex” when it was about “orgasm,” and “lust” when it was about “love.”  In fact, Reich was furious that his work to liberate the orgasmic potential of humans was turned into a masturbation festival sprinkled with orgasm-less sexual encounters.

If people had the balls to actually do the work to unleash their full orgasmic potential and integrate the dark side of themselves, the satanic forces Henry Makow rails against would have ZERO foothold.  Aloysius Fozdyke literally SPELLS it out but Henry and his minions are too cowardly to even remember those moments from their teen years when they punked out and became enslaved.  Terrified of the female aspect of themselves and tormented by their sexual desires, they yearn for a throwback time prior to the 1960s. It’s utterly pathetic, and whenever Fozdyke points it out you see the comment section peppered with people scared of their own shadow, allaying their terrors by calling upon a story-book god who has forsaken them not-so-much because he didn’t exist to begin with, but rather because they have forsaken themselves.

Why do you think Henry couldn’t even hold onto a bride he picked up overseas?  The problem isn’t women or the satanist Illuminati – it’s Henry himself.  No real woman wants to be with a ghost of a man who falls upon his knees every day – thankful that he is too old to be harangued by his sexual desires.  What the fuck is that?  Are those the thoughts and actions of a sovereign being?

Henry is still incapable of seeing that the Christian repression of sexuality is precisely what created the perfect conditions for the Luciferians to pull off what they have pulled off.  If you want to increase the potential energy of an explosive charge, encase it in a stronger-walled vessel (tamping)!  Then you can harness the kinetic energy into the direction you desire (shaped charge).  It’s so perfect, those with the most adventurous minds may find themselves entertaining the thought that Christianity was actually the creation of the “enemy” as a vehicle for its’ ends.

The fact that Henry is an old man and still lacks this basic wisdom and insight into life itself is even more embarrassing then his punk-ass behavior with respect to Jeff Rense.  Jeff refuses to publish a few select articles and Henry acts like a spurned bitch and plasters all these personal attacks on his blog day-after-day?  That’s what girls I dumped do on my Facebook page!

I am sure Henry and his army of beta males lead by Julian will launch personal attacks on me now calling me a Jew and a Satanist and all this shit, instead of dealing with the simple fact that a man and a woman who is fully orgasmic and not afraid of the darkness is truly sovereign and cannot ultimately be controlled by anyone or anything.

Men and women who live out their full orgasmic potential would never show up to vote for pedophile candidates for president, never fight wars for the Illuminati, and never send their children to a public school where their beautiful children would be brain-washed and bullied, never allow some idiot doctors to circumcise their sons…

No, all of this is possible ONLY because you are all what Wilhelm Reich called “little men” in every sense of the word.



Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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  • “Full orgasmic potential.” What absurd rot. What mental corruption.

    Men who actually have balls procreate families and raise them well. They don’t bleed like women day after day with no fruit.

    Hey, you’re the beta male here. Let’s get that straight right now. An anonymous mudslinger sitting in a corner.

    Julian Curtis Lee

    March 1st, 2012 comment by Julian Curtis Lee

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    March 1st, 2012 pingback by Julien Curtis Lee proves Henry Makow is an alpha male after all…

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