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I got the following email from a friend who went to Tokyo for a few days on business.  He has lived on-and-off in SE Asia for more than 20 years.  It’s been almost a decade since he has been to Japan.  Here are his initial thoughts…

I’m finally in Tokyo.

It took me 2:15 min by express train to get here.  I arrived in Shinjuku Station.  Think of it as Penn station and Grand Central Station combined, then double it.

I arrived at my hotel after asking a policeman where it was, he yelled at me in Japanese stating that why did I come to Japan and not know the language?

My hotel is an “international standard” type, and of course no one speaks English.  I had to put butter on my hips to slide in the shoebox-sized room.  There’s hardly any room: no closets, but the automatic toilet prepares your ass, wets your balls, and probably masturbates you while it wipes your ass.  Direction are of course all in Japanese so even if I wanted to study the 99-page manual I could not.

The room temperature is set at 76 degrees and can’t be changed because that’s what they deem a proper temperature everyone will enjoy.  The TV is all Japanese with only CNN for relief.

I can’t get a SIM card for my phone or even find a temporary phone because no one the hell knows where to get them!!!

I bout a tea drink, water and some cookies.  Cost: $12!  Shit, I can’t afford to eat here…

Tokyo is really spread out, think of Los Angeles and double it.  I haven’t been here in 7-8 years and things have gotten worse, the city is ugly, sort of like “Blade Runner” trash, but in a bad way.  The girls have gotten uglier… shit they are really ugly – like zombies, bad skin, bad hair, no style…  I had to wear my sunglasses all day.  Japan is neck-and-neck with the UK for the world’s ugliest women.

Shinjuku is, well…  The girls here “in general” are not that attractive. I would use the phrase “there are exceptions everywhere” but if you lived here for a while you may start liking their “look” since there’s not much to compare them to… You become acclimated to ugliness, basically.

The problem with Japanese girls is that the whole society is so dysfunctional in its’ repression that you see the weird results of said repression in their TV shows, movies, anime, etc.  Many girls here dress up like anime characters.  Many even dress up in fantasy costumes and wear them in public!

Their skin is bad, their teeth a disaster… many have a retarded zombie look: i.e. they walk funny… like a choppy-choppy motion.  I think that two thousand years of inbreeding has had something to do with this?

The worst thing about Tokyo are the electronic billboards, for they all have announcements and music so I’m in my hotel like 3 blocks away and I can still hear them in my room.  All day and all night…

The concierge service in my hotel is a total joke.  They don’t know anything!  It’s as if they picked these people up off the streets from a distant city.



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