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In conversation with women (and men for that matter) I have always maintained that I don’t have a “type.”  But I was going through my porn collection on my computer today as I woke up, horny as hell, and realized that I do in fact have a “type.”

I have all my porn cataloged by star, so it is easy to analyze my favorites… I can’t say any one of them is my absolute favorite, so I will rank them in order of whom I would want to sleep with first, or do a film with.  This is determined by their positive sexual energy which is the most important trait in a woman.  So without further ado…

Katsuni – I have a thing for the Asian girls although I would not call it a fetish.  As you will see, I have a thing for girls with black hair and perfect asses.  I suppose I am not a gentleman, as I do not prefer blondes. lol  Asian girls naturally have the best black hair and fantastic asses.  Katsuni has the most sex-positive, playful energy I have ever seen.  She’s both sweet and nasty, which is the most endearing combination.  She’s at the top of my list. She also reminds me of my favorite ex-gf of all time.  Go Katsuni!  I’d have to ingest an entire bottle of my famous cum pills before going on a vacation with her as she would drain me out.

Dora Venter – The only blonde on my list.  This girl just loves sex and is so filled with positive energy.

Naomi Russell – She has brown hair, which is still better then blonde, along with an absolutely beautiful butt.  Again, extremely playful and I just love this girl’s body, although I like her when she is thin as opposed to when she has put on a few pounds.

Lisa Ann – I like MILFs as much as I like young women.  Age means nothing to me, all I care about is that a woman is hot, sexy, feminine and loves sex.  Lisa Ann is also seriously beautiful – even without makeup.  When a man wakes up in the morning, the first thing he sees is his girl’s face, and so he should wake up every morning and exclaim “fuck yeah!” or else there really is no point…  I love this girl’s vibe.

Maria Ozawa – Wow, does this girl get me hot!  Which is strange because her performances on film are simply awful, as are the performances of most Japanese porn stars for that matter…  They just squeak like chew toys and act like they are in pain all the time.  But what makes Maria special is her beautiful face and absolute playfulness.  I do suspect she is somewhat learning disabled though…  One of my fantasies is to bring my huge cum pills to Japan and do a film with her.

Rebecca Linares – Sometimes I suspect that Rebecca is slightly retarded just as is Maria, but she is also just so much fun!

Elena Grimaldi – I just go crazy for this girl.  She has brown hair as opposed to my usual black hair thang, and she marks the transition into a different type of sexual energy amongst my favorite stars.  The girls that follow have bad energy, meaning that they lack the playful, sex-positive vibe to go along with their outer beauty.   So here they are, in the order in which I would want to sleep with them:

Nessa Devil – This girl  has a very freaky and strange body combined with a real cold and shallow heart yet she excites the fuck out of me.  What can I do?  Take a whole bottle of semen pills in the days leading up to the shoot!

Priva – This Thai is absolutely amazing, but like most Thai prostitutes, you can’t trust her and she will cut your throat the moment she gets the chance.

Aletta Ocean – What a mess… I’ll admit I am prejudiced because she reminds me of an ex-gf who was a real awful human being.  When I say “a mess” I am not referring to Aletta’s outward appearance which is a masterpiece – meaning, if someone were to design the ultimate inflatable pleasure doll it would look like Aletta.  Before surgery she was quite the dog, but post surgery she is a fantasy brought to life.  At this point I should point out that I don’t like big tits.  I don’t dislike them- in fact, I appreciate them… but I prefer small tits on women.  I know that I am in the like 5% of the population who is not interested in big tits.  I am a total assman and I dig hands and feet as well.   I don’t have a fetish for these things, I just am really turned on by them.  Where Aletta is a mess is in her inward appearance.  This chick has more issues then a subscription to Psychology Today.

Tori Black – Everyone loves Tori Black because you have this combination of beauty and positivity, although her positivity is a total sham.  This woman is dangerous to relate to beyond doing a porn scene with her.  She has that outer light that can only arise from an inner emptiness that will suck your soul out.

Angelika Black – Most Romanian girls look like they swim in nuclear waste, and Angelika without makeup wins the gold medal.  Nonetheless, she gets an A+ from me.




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