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I stumbled upon this video last night, which is an incredibly candid interview with Max Hardcore. I ran into this cat a couple of times at industry events, and to be frank he scares me in person. It’s his energy – it’s like if he didn’t get into making porn he’d be a serial killer or something. When I checked out some of his work, it all made sense. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much sexual rage directed at a woman in a porn film.

People like to hate on this guy and make comments about the size of his penis and that sort of thing, but he’s possibly the greatest performer next to Rocco Siffredi, and when you factor in his equipment and his age, he’s stands a mile above Rocco. A LOT can be learned about male enhancement from this video, and I suggest you pay CLOSE attention to every word. I’m serious, if THIS dude could accomplish what he did, then what can YOU accomplish?

I should point out that Max went to jail for a few years on some stupid charges because some truck drove some of his DVDs through a town or something that had laws against his style of porn. The authorities let him keep his house but confiscated all his wealth which is pretty fucked up if you ask me, and he is not allowed to make films anymore in America.

People need to remember that women sign up for this sort of treatment all the fucking time. When this sinks in, then you’ll understand why society is really so furious that Max Hardcore: he reveals the true nature of many women in our society. Just imagine this:

Hundreds if not thousands of young, hot women in America… for a few hundred dollars, will get naked in front of a camera and have some old dude who could be their grandpa violently fuck them in their ass, throat fuck them until they vomit, and piss in their mouths. They then allow their violation to be sold and distributed all over the planet, knowing millions of men will be jacking off to it.

Contemplate that, everyone! I am not saying this is the true nature of women in a primal state, just that it is the true nature of women in our society.

The question of the day is, “What are we as a society doing from birth until 18 years old in order to produce this flavor of sexual drive in so many of our women?”



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