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March 19th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Someone dropped this thread on Facebook today about the Mardi Gras Gang Rape and you can read all the idiots yelling at each other about who is at fault here.  Is it the bouncer, this group of guys, or the girl?

You know, when I was young in the 1990s and would get drunk in the Meat Packing District when it was nothing but trannie hookers, gay leather bars, and the infamous Hogs & Heifers, I used to make sure NOT to walk down the street in front of the leather bar where 10-15 steroid-filled gay dudes dressed like gladiators were hanging about.  Why?  Because I didn’t want to get dragged inside and raped in the ass by the entire West Village.  You’ve seen the opening scene in that movie Irreversible? You may not be so lucky as to have a friend with a fire extinguisher handy! lol

Rape is about sex.  It’s not about power or violence or hating women, although if you aren’t getting laid you can easily get filled with such notions!  Yet women these days somehow think their liberal-arts notions can re-write the laws of sexual physics.  If you are a single woman and you see some pack of drunken losers like that, your chances of being gang-raped are always going to be there.  So ladies, protect yourselves unless this is some fantasy of yours, which according to a New York Times article I read yesterday and will blog about tomorrow – it is!



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