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Here is another post on real reasons to be down on women instead of being upset because they enjoy sex like all these moron PUAs.

One thing I have noticed in my life is that women HATE a confident man who is comfortable with his sexuality.  Sure, they are attracted to it – but mostly because they want to destroy it.

You can see this played out in common scenarios.  For example, when I was very young I knew this guy and he started dating and got married to this absolutely gorgeous girl.  Years after they married, I saw the two of them again.  She was still smoking hot, but he was a bit fat, worn-down and exhausted – and it wasn’t from all the deepthroat blowjobs she had been giving  him either!

His exact words when he had enough alcohol in him were: “I used to be a stallion, running free.  Now I’m just a beaten down plow-horse.”  He said it with such realization that his wife flipped out and got all pissed.

His wife flipped because she was afraid other men would wake up from the dream and put the racket out of business for the rest of her sisters.  One of the greatest books on this subject is:

But taking a man filled with virility and putting him to work in exchange for sex is a mild way of destroying him.   It’s also practical and functional.  What I have found, is that when you are really confident and alpha and glowing with energy, then women want to snuff you out.

There is a small but rabid segment of the fetish market consisting of men who enjoy watching women step on stuff.  It’s called a crush fetish.  It could consist of watching women put out cigarettes, or watching them crush small animals to death.  There was a news story out of China recently shining some light on the fetish.  Here is an image from the scandal:

I have a friend who is really into crush fetish stuff – that’s the only way he gets off, and he said to me one day: “Plato, this fetish depicts the TRUE nature of women, deep down in their primal core.  Most men cannot accept this dark aspect of yin energy.”

I agree with him.  Most people will say that if a minority of people are doing something, they are the deviant minority who are not representative of the majority.  I am not in agreement with this view…  I believe that this minority of deviants actually represents what the majority is often not conscious about, or likes to deny.

In my next blog post I will go into more detail about how this desire to snuff out a cigarette or a small animal’s life, is expressed in other ways – in which women attempt to snuff out or at least control the yang spark in men who are too glorious to be enslaved in the role of “husband.”

This desire to destroy and control men is the single biggest block to healthy relationships between men and women.  Stay tuned!




Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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  • I see women wanting to destroy their man’s sexuality only if they feel like their man is weak. In a way it’s a string of tests to see if their man can stand up to them. Most men eventually give up the “war” because they are designed/wired to strive for emptiness (in a Buddhist term). This is their biggest mistake, because women will think: Well, if my man can’t stand up to “weak me”, he can’t stand up to the world. He is a looser and I will use him till a real man comes along”.

    Don’t blame women. Blame men, for they have no clue how to deal with women and ass-u-me they can rationalize their relationship into a “50-50 partnership”. You want respect from a woman? Be her assertive leader who knows what he wants and takes it.

    Women will never stop testing us. It’s the way they are designed. It’s a never-ending war, but the reward of victory and the penalty of defeat are too great to ignore.

    September 15th, 2011 comment by Max

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