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December 20th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

A lot of men (myself included) are really into shaving. There is this Zen-like thing when you get the perfect shave, and shaving companies are always coming out with the latest shaver like a Gillete Fusion with 5 blades or some shit like that.

Then they have endless creams for the face – shaving creams, that is. They have gels too. It’s insane but still hard to get the perfect shave. Why? Because if you have a really hard beard like I do (shows I am prone to anger and rage), it takes about 1 hour in a sauna or hot tub in order to soften the stubble (and my skin) in order to shave it super close without making cuts – especially on my neck!

Of course one can go electric, but an electric that gives a shave like a blade is very hard to find, as well as frustrating because you cannot try them before you buy them – for obvious hygienic reasons. You also have to change the blades frequently.

I ended up using a Merkur comb-guard safety razor with Feather brand razors because Gillete builds their shavers to stop working after 1 week… I even learned how to use a straight-razor… I also discovered that soap works better then ANY shaving cream.

But you know what I discovered in the end? That women go crazy for stubble. Don Johnson knew it, Lorenzo Lamas knew it – hell, even Kip Winger knew it!

When you are rocking the shadow, women are just crazy attracted to you. Probably because it reveals a stronger sex drive. Sure, they will complain that it scratches but just ignore them.

So what I do is take my Wahl hair trimmer without any attachments and just buzz my beard down to a shadow every day – it is the ultimate male enhancement with respect to facial hair.



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