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A reader sent in a request the other day for a blog topic: “What are some tips for overcoming performance anxiety? I had this problem recently with a HOT chick and can’t figure out why.”

This is a good question. After all, if a chick is HOT, why would you fail to get it up?

The answer is that many guys out there are more sensitive to energies then even they would think, and a man’s cock is like an antennae – it picks up on what a woman is thinking/feeling.  It also detects her physical and hormonal health.

How does this effect your erection?  Well, your cock doesn’t want to be in an unsafe place, or in a place where it is not wanted.  For example, maybe the woman had an STD?  Your cock knows this and refuses to get hard.  Another possibility is that she isn’t putting out any compatible sexual pheremones, so while your mind may be attracted to her visual beauty, your biology (which ultimately wants to breed) doesn’t give a damn about her.

Still another possibility is that she isn’t into you once you take your clothes off.  Like maybe she feels your cock is too small or ugly or something or you didn’t shave your pubes or whatever…  Your cock picks up on her disappointment!

You can often experience this when you are fucking a girl and suddenly she is in pain or you are no longer hitting the right spots – she is no longer enjoying yourself and your cock gets no feedback and starts to go flacid.

The reality is that a woman is responsible for a man’s erection.  Sure, women don’t want to hear this sort of thing.  Sales of V*agr* and other such drugs are through the roof because women collectively are emasculating men with their feminist attitudes.  Ever notice how every so often you are standing next to some woman in the subway or at a crossing light and you start to get hard?  It’s rare (maybe 1x per week for me?), but it’s the woman who is doing it to you.

But women in places like NYC are so down on men that of course this isn’t a common happening.  A good side-story is I went to see “Rock of Ages” on opening night.

The audience was mostly women who complained about how the film sucked and how they were offended by the display of an archetypical real man.  Notice that I wrote archetypical.  “Stacee Jaxx” is an archetype and Tom Cruise channeled it brilliantly.

“Rock of Ages” tells a very powerful story about what matters most in life, which is the relationship between men and women.  Career/money is not the most important, spirituality is not the most important… why do you think that the masters of this reality spend so much effort to make sure you will never amount to shit with respect to your relationships?

It is because of the incredible power that exists between two orgasmically potent beings.  That’s why they turn all the beautiful women into prostitutes, all the ugly women into feminists, and flood the world with unlimited and free digital pornography so men will forget…






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