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May 3rd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Well, so last Tuesday I ruptured my appendix and didn’t know it. I was nauseous for 3 days and couldn’t sit up. Believe me, I tried. So I was basically in bed for 3 days and then I forced myself about. I was running a 102 fever daily but that isn’t hot for me. My first trip was to my acupuncturist who informed me that my digestive system had shut down. She restarted it… The next few days I did work, ran around the city, had some more acupuncture sessions… but I noticed I had zero appetite and I had these pains that are hard to describe. Kind of like someone was hitting me with a stun gun over-and-over. My shirt or the wind brushing against my belly made me reel as if my belly had been skinned or badly burned. Electric jolts ran from pubic bone to sternum. Weird stuff. It was wearing me down. Plus, I was often subject to sudden spells of freezing and intense shaking. I was beginning to get worn down, so I walked into the ER. They checked my blood, piss and shit but nothing came up. So I had them give me a barium drink, inject iodine into my bloodstream and stick me in a CAT scan. Then they saw it. My appendix had exploded and my abdominal cavity was filled with pus and poison. According to the doctors I should be dead, or at least not running around cracking jokes. They asked me: “Don’t you feel unbearable pain?” I responded: “For me it is bearable.”

They immediately admitted me into the hospital and hustled me into surgery. I declined anaesthesia and told them to just give me a local. I wanted to feel them digging around inside. I did. :) The surgeon was super cool and chatted with me as I lay there in a freezing radiology room in my Uniqlo jeans as he drained my abdomen. Then he installed a hose leading to a pus collection vacuum-bulb. I need to wear this thing until next Thursday and it really sucks. It hurts a bit, but I decline pain-killers and just put up with the feeling of a tube moving around in my guts.

The nurses in the hospital were all super flirty sluts, and I could have probably talked at least 1 of them into sucking me off in my bed but my cock was not working. :( My liver was simply too overloaded from poison, and now they were pumping super-strong antibiotics into me like crazy. Hell, they worked!

It really sucks, because I was working on my summertime body and that is now on hold. Ironically, I lost ZERO WEIGHT despite 1 week of not eating, constant fever and a hospital stay. However, I am losing about 2 months of progress because of this. Not a big deal, really… I suppose it is better then being DEAD. But I always focus on LIVING and not EXISTING. Sitting here with a tube in me, I am just EXISTING. Next Thursday when they pull the tube out, then 8 weeks later I get whatever is left of my appendix removed via arthroscopic surgery.



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