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So I was texting with PUA guru Vin DiCarlo the other day which now prompts me to revisit the whole concept of “attainability” once again.

As death-rapper Necro raps in his classic “The 10 Pimp Commandments:”

Only fuck with a bitch when you’re both clicking.
Sparrows can’t fly with eagles.
Peacocks can’t strut with chickens.

NYC is filled with sparrows and chickens. I snapped a few random photos to illustrate what 95%+ of NYC females look like:











As you can see, there is nothing beautiful, feminine, or sexual about any of these pigs. Compare them to the “discarded” women you see on “international dating” websites!  They can’t even hold a candle to the refuse from Eastern Europe!

Yet deprived New Yorker’s are always raving about how “hot” NYC women are. It makes absolutely no damn sense at all. I have yet to figure out the psychological phenomenon behind this proclamation of so many NYC men.

Something is amiss…

Anyway, the other day I was sitting in a Biergarden in Midtown on 3rd Avenue in the 40’s. It’s the worst Biergarden in the city, but I was invited by two friends. After maybe 1 hour this girl walks over to me, strokes my hair and tells me that her friends were checking me out for the last half-hour commenting on how hot I look with my long hair, and that I should hook up with one of them who is recently single.

These girls were total “B-Team players” like the ones in my chick-montage above, but I am of the belief that a woman who is forward should be rewarded. After all, wouldn’t the planet be nicer if women approached men for sex all the time? So I responded with a big “thank you” and told her to tell her recently-single friend to come over and join our table.

Naturally she never came by. lol

So, once again to reward her forwardness I went over to her table and sat down. Immediately this “recently single” female starts insisting we do shots together and I refuse. This soured the whole table, who probably thought that flattery and the promise of sex would get me to buy the whole lot of them more booze.

But I am no sucker.

When I say “soured” I mean that everything I said from that point on was not well received. But I kept my cool. There was one chick in a fedora (huge red flag as it is a man’s hat) who kept going on about what a “powerful woman” she was and how guy’s couldn’t handle it.

(Note to the ladies: It isn’t that guy’s can’t handle you, it is that they don’t want to handle you – because you aren’t worth the effort. If you looked like Paulina Porizkova, they would make the effort… trust me.)

So I asked her to define what a “powerful woman” was and she went on about how she is “the boss” and that guys “had better get used to it.” When I informed her that she would never be successfully married with this philosophy, she protested that she knows plenty of relationships where this dynamic works.

I should point out that she professed to earn a living as a professional female comic (another huge red flag – as no guy finds female comics attractive) so I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not (about earning a living as a comic or anything else that fell out of her mouth for that matter).

At this point she asks me what I think is the recipe for success in relationships, and I said that in my experience a woman needs to surrender to the man she is involved with.

When I said this, it was like I detonated a suicide vest or something because all the women at the table start screaming and cursing at me and telling me to “go the fuck away from our table.”

I gladly got up and left.

It’s always mildly amusing to observe women implementing the most fundamental thing they learn from their mothers: “Men are schoolboys who live and die for their mother’s (and consequently all women’s) approval.”

The whole thing just got worse as they continued to launch volleys at my “man table” so myself and female comedienne went at it at full volume between our tables.

It was like their Spanish galleon loaded down with excess thigh-weight up against my nimble British pirate vessel.  I was told that I was a chauvinist pig, a loser, a throwback to 50 years ago, a dinosaur…  But my cannon were loaded with chain-shot so they had no real chance despite the large amounts of smoke and flame they were able to generate.  I will not describe the glory of the single shot I returned that sank their vessel because I don’t want to come across as boastful but it was glorious!

I found the whole thing great fun, although one of my friends was thoroughly traumatized and confessed to not  having approached a woman in public all week now. Lol

Meanwhile, those women probably each went home and masturbated while fantasizing about me beating them down and raping them.

You’re welcome!

I actually ended up in the hospital a few days later as my appendix ruptured for a second time and I will need to get it taken out, but when I got out of the hospital I ran into a gorgeous eastern European woman in The Vitamin Shoppe and had an hour-long conversation with her. She actually had that Paulina Porizkova look, ironically.









It’s a great pleasure to chat with a truly beautiful woman because they are all feminine, love themselves, and are completely cool about male attention. Even though it didn’t “work out,” the hour-long interaction was more satisfying then having sex with 100 “B Team” NYC pigs.

What’s interesting is that I had a beard, a hospital tag on my wrist and a bandage taped around where my IV was, and we still got along famously. When I brought it up 45 minutes into the interaction, she said she hadn’t even noticed before and asked me if I had temporarily escaped to buy that box of protein bars and was headed back! What a cool-ass chick… and she had a perfect ass, btw. =^_^=

Here is what is funny: on the way home it starts to rain and I duck under a canopy and turn to one of those “hot” NYC chicks and drop a situational opener and she looks at me with utter disgust.

But all this disgust is really directed towards herself.

You will NEVER see a beautiful feminist.

Feminism is to ugly women what communism is to poor people.

It’s just an outlet for their angst.

When someone isn’t attractive enough, they feel that they will never be able to hold the object of their affections and this will drive them insane, so they drive the object away and “make it wrong.”

Water seeks it’s own level. Guys are often guilty of the same thing and attempt to soften harsh truths by stating that they “aren’t shallow” or some other nonsense when asked why they relate below their status. Now in some cases this is true, but most often it is not the case.  Most guys who serially fuck fat women, for example, have serious issues relating to their self-worth which they will never surmount.

Anyway, when dealing with femi-commies, the best thing to do is to fall silent, and get up and leave (if the social situation allows for it) unless you enjoy torturing them and getting into arguments – which I do!

I consider that I am doing “God’s work” and brawl away.

But the best advice to amazing guys dropping openers (who lack discernment with respect to how a female feels about herself) is to only shine your light on the most beautiful women you can find, because the rest just don’t deserve it.  They can stay on their hands and knees hunting dust bunnies beneath their tear-soaked mattresses.


Plato Powers writes regularly about anything that involves men's sexual health and all the adventures that a homosapien male encounters in his everyday life.

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  • Wow, smacked that one out of the park. Summed up a lifetime of observations of the B-List Sex in the City Crowd.

    June 8th, 2012 comment by Kevin

  • Hell ya, this is so fucking resonant. Love this, Plato.

    June 14th, 2012 comment by Lucas

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