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November 26th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Seriously, working out correctly is definitely a kind of natural male enhancement.  It enhances you as a male!  I had a sick workout today training my back.  I always had a good back, and chicks are turned on by nice back muscles.  My back workout consists of doing wide-grip chin-ups in order to warm up, then I do lat pull-downs followed by cable-rows.  You need to work on the thickness as well as the width, otherwise when you turn to the side girls will wonder where you went!

The good thing about those exercises is that you can really pile on the weight.  Dumb motherfuckers will always say shit like “you aren’t using proper form” and all this crap.  Go watch some videos of  pro-bodybuilders and they aren’t using “proper form.”

Your body works as a unit.  In real life, if you have to row a boat, you won’t be rowing with just your arms – you’ll be rowing with your entire body.  So do the same thing on the cable-rows.  You can lift more weight in this manner, and going heavy is one of the keys to getting muscular growth.   The heaviness of the weight is one of the key factors of intensity (the other is “failure”), and intensity followed by 8 days of rest creates growth and strength gains.

Plus, going heavy will improve sperm count.  Especially when you train your legs.  Not to mention it increases bone density so you don’t lose bone mass as you get older.  Once you’ve lost a certain amount of bone mass due to aging, you can’t get it back so get in the gym now!



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