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November 6th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Another way you can increase sperm count is by lifting heavy weights.  Benching, squatting, deadlifting… even training your back heavy will do it.  Whenever I go to the gym, that night I always have a big ejaculate.  It works like magic.  Today was a good day training my chest and abs, and last night a lover commented on my progress and she is very brutal in her assessment so her comments were appreciated.  I didn’t finish last night so tonight I am going to do an extreme ejaculation to porn.  I will  be watching this chick:

Adina is one of my favorite German Goo Girls.  The video I will be watching has a lot of piss-play as well.  I never thought I would be interested in such things until one day a girl I was having sex with asked me to piss on her.  I started to do it, and then got so aroused I got so damn hard.  Which is weird because normally you can’t piss easily when erect but if you start pissing first and THEN get erect it is an entirely different story.

Well, I’m of German ancestry so it only makes sense that such Germanic sexual indulgence would appeal to me…

Anyway, after the gym I was walking down the street and saw this real hottie with her parents.  I started rapping to her, and one thing I noticed is how awesome her relationship with her parents was, and how awesome the relationship BETWEEN her parents was.  That’s the type of girl you can marry.  Then again, I don’t believe in marriage so let’s say she’s the type of girl you can commit to.

After that I went to tango class but almost no girls showed up so I ended up dancing with guys.  Which isn’t gay if you aren’t – or so I tell myself…

There is this one girl in the class who is like an instructor/assistant or something and she has these huge perfect tits.  She always has her shirt open and those things exposed.  Normally I am not a tit person, but her tits are exquisite.  Her best physical asset and it isn’t like she is unattractive.  She’s a bit sexually closed up though so I’m usually not very aroused despite her charms.    But I like to look at them.  She’s married I believe and I could swear that her man married her just for those tits!



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