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January 23rd, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

There is a lot of stuff going on in my life right now and some of it is pretty cool.  But I don’t like to talk about the cool stuff lining up for me because then it is like I will jinx it.

Someone complained to me the other day that my blog has too much misogynistic content.  That’s about right.  But the plain truth is that both genders suck, I’m just only interested in sexual relations with one of them… so that’s who gets my wrath.  But rest assured that I have equal amounts of wrath for both!

It’s also inappropriate to write about the “good stuff,” such as blogging about girls I am having a good time with because that’s kinda’ fucked up.  Just as I also can’t write about very specific individuals that I have a bad time with because that’s also kinda’ fucked up.

So I tend to write a bunch of complaints about life in New York City in general and how incredibly fucked up the women here are and I am probably more bored lately talking about it then you are reading about it.

It’s also fucking cold the last few days… colder than it has been in years probably… and that sort of cold makes me a tad lazy.

I also found out one of my childhood friends has just been transferred to a correctional facility close to the city so I can finally drive up and visit him.  I haven’t seen him in 5 years and that sucks.  But it sucks even more for him and he’s got 8 more years to go before they let him out…

BTW, here is a great strategy for getting women who act as sexual roadblocks out of your psychic space:

Step 1 – Go into your cell phone address book and change their contact info to reflect how you would like them to be.  So for example change her name from “Suzy Bee” to “Cum Dumpster.”

Step 2 – Text her really confrontational stuff that cuts to the chase about how and why she sucks really badly.  For example, if a girl won’t date you because she has some loser boyfriend whom she plans to marry, tell her you will impregnate her on her wedding night because her boyfriend possesses poor genetic material and will produce ugly kids with her.  When she balks, confidently remind her that the juices will be running down her leg when she is walking down the aisle because she’ll know what is coming later.

Girls will either conform or else tell you to never call them again or just never contact you again. This is awesome!  Because women who don’t honor your sexual prowess are soul-destroying and block the entry of other decent women into your life.  Lately I’ve had a plague of these worthless things around me and this is how I cleared the space.



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