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Looks like I have invoked the ire of our first resident beta male, Julien Curtis Lee.  I’d give his website a free backlink for the keyword “beta male” but that would be bullying and I’m not a bully.  Apparently though, in true beta-male form, Julien Curtis Lee is a bully who defends his master Henry Makow by fulfilling my prediction that he would not deal with my argument directly and instead call me names.  Here is a re-posting of his childish dribble:

“Full orgasmic potential.” What absurd rot. What mental corruption.

Men who actually have balls procreate families and raise them well. They don’t bleed like women day after day with no fruit.

Hey, you’re the beta male here. Let’s get that straight right now. An anonymous mudslinger sitting in a corner.

Julian Curtis Lee

If you visit Julien’s website, he claims to have attained some sort of samadhi, although he doesn’t get specific about which one.  Right-hand practitioners who chase after samadhi will naturally call my views “mental corruption” especially because they use celibacy as their method to attain it.    But celibacy is not the only way.   Not everyone who uses their left-hand is up to “no good” nor are they destined for the hellish realms.

Julien may be surprised to find that the evil he rails against often has often attained a higher level of samadhi then he has.  This part of the reason they rule over the world.  Fozdyke points this out, but naturally he is ignored by those who should be paying the most attention!

Those with real balls don’t look down on the bleeding of women or the power of the feminine, for feminine energy is more then motherhood.  Feminine energy is the darkness that everyone turns from.  The darkness from which arises that primal masculine power that everyone (especially women) wants.

But what do I know?  I’m just a beta male who sells cum pills and peddles filth.  Everything is not what it seems on the surface, Julien.



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