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December 21st, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

Well, maybe not…  Personally I think all this Mayan prophecy stuff is a bunch of bullshit.  I’ll admit, the Mayan’s clearly knew a lot about making calenders and astronomy.  They also built some impressive structures that we can’t duplicate with today’s technology.  But you know what else they did?  The did all sorts of human sacrifice and blood ritual.  Which kind of takes away a lot of their credibility.  Or does it?  Like, how can we reconcile these two things?  Why is an advanced civilization engaging in this sort of behavior?

What people never seem to ask themselves, is “What if the two things aren’t in conflict at all?”

I mean, we have only two options really:

1.These civilizations were insane.

2.These civilizations knew something we don’t.

Maybe some of those science-fiction conspiracy people are right… what if we are beholden as a people to some sort of extra-dimensional entities that desire human blood or at the very least the energy that is released during human sacrifice?  It certainly would explain why so many “advanced” ancient civilizations engaged in this sort of barbarism now wouldn’t it?

Most of us will probably never know.

But I know tomorrow I will wake up, and it will be just another day!


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