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When you read blogs from the seduction community, it isn’t hard to see that everything hinges upon the paradigm of the alpha/beta male.  The idea being, that alpha males are the 20% of the population who fuck 100% of the women, even though most of the women will end up with the 80% of the population who is beta.  So the idea is, become alpha by acting like one and you will fuck all the women too.

This paradigm has become something of a religion for PUAs, and while there is a lot of truth to it upon first glance, and a working model of male/female dynamics can be fashioned from it, it is in fact misleading because it fails to look deep enough at the real dynamics at play.

So what are these dynamics?

Well, I was motivated to author this post after some conversations with women over the last 2 weeks.  I had a lot of them!  Some with former lovers, some with women who would be my lover if they had any guts, and some with dumb broads whom I would never fuck but are friends with on Facebook.  Anyway…

In a place like NYC women are not looking for anything “real.”  Women in this town are looking for the following 3 things:

1.Cocaine.  Women love blow.  Do you really think Charlie Sheen would get laid so much if he didn’t have an endless supply of coke?  All you need to do is walk around with a picture of a powdered sugar donut on your shirt and 8s, 9s, and 10s will follow you around like the pied-piper.  Under the influence of coke, most women are down for almost anything.

2.Someone to support them.  No woman wants to work.  They want a guy to take care of them.  Pay their rent, marry them and take them away.  Whatever…  If you’ve got tons of money, women will do anything for you.  Of course, if you are utterly “beta” you will have problems, but most guys with money aren’t exactly alpha and get the necessary level of compliance nonetheless.

3.Sexual abuse.  Say what???  I really offended a female friend the other day because she overheard me advising a young male friend to urinate in the mouth of a girl who was hot but who sucked in bed.  She was horrified, and claimed that I was angry and hate women.  My logic was simply that so many woman love sexual abuse, that perhaps the reason this woman sucked in bed was simply because no man was hitting her hot buttons.  Women who like to be choked, pissed on, etc. aren’t going to volunteer this up – they want you to figure it out.  If you were meant for her, and really understood her, you would know what she wants!  That’s how women think.  Plus they love confident men who do what they want, and take what they want.  Imagine how much confidence she will assign to you when you hose her in the face!  If the woman freaks out, then who cares?  You weren’t enjoying sex with her anyway and won’t be upset when she never talks to you again.  Plus, it is funny and you can tell all your friends you urinated on some hottie. :)

Let me elaborate more on point #3 because it is key to understanding why the alpha/beta male paradigm is a fucking joke…

When you watch porn, what do you see?  You see an array of thousands upon thousands of women getting pounded in the ass until their assholes gape, getting fucked in their throat until they puke, and engaging in all sorts of craziness.  Yet they never cum!

What is going on?  The reality is that just like Wilhelm Reich preached, these women, like most women in modern society, are orgasmically impotent due to the somatic effects of trauma.  Trauma from birth, childhood, their relationships with their parents, and the programming of society.

Free from trauma, a woman can actually have an orgasm from taking cock down her throat.  She can have it anally as well.  And her pussy…. well, forget about it!  The woman can be in a constant state of orgasm and gush endless fluids.

But in the chains of trauma, this can never happen.  The woman actually hates herself, and hates her feminine, feeling nature which permitted her to be traumatized in the first place.  Yet she still has sexual energy under there, even though it cannot express orgasmically.  So what do women do?  Many of them engage in sexual practices that express this state, like an interpretive dance.  Except it involves endless cocks and puking and stuff…

Naturally, not all women take this route.  Many get really religious and go live in their heart and become prudes in the sack.  Others constantly post new pics of themselves on Facebook because they don’t actually feel that they are beautiful and desirable.  The outlets are endless.

But it is waaaaay more then just sex.  There are also the countless childhood-parental dramas at play that were unresolved: “Daddy was a drunk so now I must date drunks to resolve it.  Even though I never will, and will just keep repeating this hell until I am too old to suck off drunks anymore.”

No ask yourself, how can a woman who hates herself, and is driven to repeat childhood dramas ad nauseum, possibly respond to a man who loves?  She will run away in terror, for the love of said man will bring all her insanity to the forefront and this is a threat that is too much to bear.  This is why you see so many hot women opt for jealous, possessive, fucked-up men while at the same time playing the victim.  It’s actually the woman who is like this, yet she gets it in a guy so she can feel like she is “okay.”

A woman doesn’t really care if you are alpha or beta so much as she cares if you are fulfilling her screwed up needs.  For those without cocaine or money, the only other option is to dish abuse of every kind.  If you look at guys who are successful with women, and you take away the drugs and money, this is what you will see.  This is why girls dig assholes and jerks and shun nice guys.  Why would you want a nice guy if you hate yourself?   You want someone who treats you like shit!

So the real way to be successful with women is to look past the whole alpha/beta male paradigm and ask yourself how you can help women live out their dramas and revel in their self-hatred.  When in doubt, piss in her mouth! lol

It isn’t that I hate women, it’s that I hate what I often have to resort to in order to keep them in my life.





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