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Yesterday I was talking about a New York Times article that said that women are most turned on by looking at cocks and fantasizing about being raped.  As I addressed the “looking at cocks” issue yesterday, today I will talk about rape.

First of all, let me be clear that rape is a crime.  You force some woman to have sex against her will and you get busted…  you are going to prison!  In prison, you will probably get raped yourself.  It’s not a smart move.

Rape is also an incredibly psychologically damaging crime from the standpoint of the victim.  This doesn’t need to be explained and should be obvious to anyone who isn’t a sociopath.

So why are women always masturbating to fantasies of rape?  Clearly they are masturbating about being raped by the right person.  It’s like “sexual harassment:”  It isn’t harassment if she is attracted to you!

So it really isn’t rape then, it’s more like “forced sex” that she is fantasizing about.  “Forced sex” with a man she is really attracted to.  A women enjoys being made to surrender and submit.  In a world where women are rather repressed and bottled-up sexually, and most men are the same, would she not yearn to be forced out of her cage by the right person?

But be very careful here, because date rape is a crime too!  If there ever was any situation where “calibration” was critical, this would be it – unless you want to be raped yourself in prison. Chances are, you probably aren’t “the right person.”  Would you take a bet where losing means you spend the next 8 years getting sodomized in a cage?

It’s far safer to focus on aggression and dominance to engender submission. Judo-throw her onto your bed! It will have the same result in terms of her surrender assuming she is into you.

It’s like many women like to be choked while you fuck them.  It’s far safer to just aggressively place your hand on her throat during sex then to fulfill her stupid fantasy and actually choke her.  If she should die at your hand, you will go to prison for murder.  Do you seriously think some judge is going to let you off because you’ll tell him that she could only cum when she was being choked? lol




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